Aonuma reveals how his Zelda workload has changed over the years, and shares his excitement in working alongside Miyamoto

We don't deserve Aonuma

Game Informer had an interview with Eiji Aonuma about his work on upcoming Zelda titles, but they took a moment to chat about how Aonuma's workload has changed over the years. Aonuma has been creating Zelda games for 2 decades now, and it seems all that hard work he's put in has paid off.

"One thing that definitely has changed is that in the beginning, I had to create a bunch of things on my own, but now I have a great team with great people with different skills to help me create things together."

It's very clear that Shigeru Miyamoto very much trusts what Aonuma cooks up for the Zelda franchise, even if Miyamoto still has to pass off on the suggested ideas. It's a unique collaboration that Aonuma still gets giddy about.

"It's very interesting that you bring up Mr. Miyamoto. I've never thought of it as collaborating with him! Now that you've phrased it that way, I think, 'Oh, working with Mr. Miyamoto is a collaboration.' That's kind of exciting!"


Aonuma is my hero, and the most fashionable dev ever!

I just know he’ll make president of Nintendo Co. one day...


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