Nintendo collected signatures and doodles from numerous devs who visited their E3 2019 booth

Now that's a collector's item

There are certain things that Nintendo does that are just...so Nintendo. I mean that as a compliment! The video above is one of those things. It's so cool to see all these devs taking a moment to scribble something on Nintendo's big sheet. Man, I hope they frame this and hang it up at their headquarters!

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Huh, I just noticed Miyamoto is left handed. I never knew that.

His handedness comes up every few years. It's funny that people are amazed when they realize. Remember, he's the man behind Devil World. 😉🙃

Now THAT is a dream team! What a cool idea.

Sun Jun 16 19 02:18am
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What?! No Yoshiaki Koizumi?


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