BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle updated to Version 1.5.1

Tag, your updated!

During the E3 insanity, an update for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was released. Check out what Version 1.5.1 has to offer below.

System-related bug fixes
Fixed an issue where Cross Burst was unavailable under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue related to invulnerability frames during certain Distortion Skills and Distortion Skill Duos.
Fixed an issue where certain Astral Heats do not function properly under certain circumstances.
Other minor bug fixes have been applied.

Character-related bug fixes

Es: The first wave of “Breunor” in [→+Partner Skill] will now have a hit box if the action was ended before firing the second wave.

Yosuke: Fixed an issue where the counter attack portion of “Dodge” was air blockable.

Teddie: Command input window for “Teddie Warp” has been widened.
Fixed an issue where “EX Aerial Tomahawk” was usable while under 2 skill gauges.
Fixed an issue where when “Nihil Hand” was blocked, Distortion Skill Duo was unavailable.

Seth: Fixed an issue where the collision box of [Smart Combo 1 (4th Hit) (A・A・A・A)] was not functioning properly.
Aligned the initial proration of [→+Partner Skill] with that of other characters.

Weiss: Changed [Jump A]’s attack property from mid to overhead.

Yang: Changed “Unrelenting Fire” so that the move only commences when hitting the opponent’s main character.

Heart: Changed “EX Iron Fist Punch of Love” so that the move only commences when hitting the opponent’s main character.

Other minor character bug fixes have been implemented.

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