Pokemon Sword & Shield Treehouse Live segment on YouTube is being bombed with dislikes

Will it be very effective?

Pokemon fans are really unhappy with the fact that Pokemon Sword & Shield won't include all previous Pokemon. They're showing their anger by hitting Nintendo's Pokemon Sword & Shield Treehouse Live segment from E3 2019 with a bunch of dislikes. The video itself has over a million views and 17k likes, but as of right now, it has over 50k dislikes. You have to wonder what Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokemon Co. think about all the negativity for Pokemon Sword & Shield coming out of E3 2019.

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I'm one of them. Hopefully get it figured out that if they are going to make excuses, it should at least be good ones.

Sat Jun 15 19 01:44pm
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It is almost like people forgot about Ruby and Sapphire not having most of the old pokemon (they were in the game but there was no way to get them until fire red and leaf green eventually came out)

Yes, but they were in the game. In SwSh, they aren't going to be present at all.

Ruby and Sapphaire have the data for ALL the Pokemon. Sword and Shield don't. This doesn't change, they're Orphaned.

Sat Jun 15 19 01:44pm
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I really do empathize with both sides here. It's necessary to to have a cut off point at some point to keep things manageable and balanced. But at the same time, the tagline for the series is "Gotta Catch 'Em All!". If you can no longer catch them all, then what is the point? I mean, no Legendary or Mythical is gonna be in another game at this point. Neither will any starters unless they drastically change how they do things.

But at the same time, the tagline for the series is "Gotta Catch 'Em All!".
They dropped that tagline a looooong time ago, though. Exactly because there were a lot of them

Sun Jun 16 19 12:30pm
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"It's necessary to to have a cut off point at some point to keep things manageable and balanced." Why is this? Can you justify your position. Are you saying there is no way for these Pokemon can never be balanced in battles? When the TCG will have to do that themselves. Are you saying Game Freak isn't a billion dollar company. That sells easily 15-20 million copies. Were they reuse said assets over many future games. Can't hire sub contracted teams to build the other Pokemon. While they work on the main game. Across the 4 year development.

They will do this anyway. When they make 8 more games and remakes. The issue here. Is that Sword and Shield in its current state with be orphaned from any past and future game. Bar transfer forward.

Sun Jun 16 19 01:41pm
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They did subcontract tons of people to do the 3d models and animatioms back when x&y was in development, it must have been a huge investment since they reused the same 3d models and animations for several games. the animations were pretty generic for all pokemon. If this means better battle animations Im happy with cutting off some pokemon.

Also, most people dont go back to older pkmn with new games, so it would be a huge investment for a niche audience.

(BTW havent seen gameplay so I cant actually judge the animations... if they are still awfull this has little justification)

Sat Jun 15 19 01:51pm
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Yeah, It's trendy to hate on things & be negative. I'm seriously hyped for Sword & Shield. (Still deciding which of the two I'm going to purchase.) 😅

People can enjoy and be hyped about things and still criticize them.

Seriously, Gamefreak is an indie company with a shoestring budget, who do people expect so mush from them?

Sarcasm aside, I do find that some people's means of showing their displeasure is a bit much, HOWEVER, I also feel that Gamefreak should actually take note of the reaction. Criticism can be a very good thing, and the fact that this many people are trying to get a message across, well, it might be worth their time to listen.

Gamefreak only employs 140 some people. They are a pretty small company. Pokemon is their only AAA rpg series. They only release indie side projects.

Is there anything stopping them from taking on extra help or working with another company? Not asking to be snarky or anything, I'm legitimately curious.

Sun Jun 16 19 12:09pm
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The Pokemon Company officially has to be the one to make the call, but the company is jointly ran between Nintendo, Creatures, and GameFREAK. GameFREAK can ask for outside assistance or do extra hiring for game development, but Creatures and Nintendo can veto it.

And if you were to ask why doesn't GameFREAK take their billions from the Pokemon games -- again all the money is being used to run The Pokemon Company and only enough goes back into GameFREAK for continued operations so they can't expand.

So GameFREAK is liable to Nintendo and/or Creatures blocking outside help if GameFREAK were to ask another studio for assistance let alone hiring extra devs for projects. Why do you think spin-offs aren't very common compared to the mainline games? ;)

Sun Jun 16 19 12:32pm
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Game Freak etc. have contracted all the other side Pokemon games off to other companies many times. Genius Sonority made Pokemon Battle Revolution. Which carried 492 Pokemon. They are qualified as a sub contracting company for this task. Your argument basically makes the companies look stupid and illogical. Another argument. This work that will be expensive. Will be used across future games. Pay a lot now. Save money later.

The 3D models from DS were used up to Ultra Sun and Moon. The 2D Sprites of the pokemon were used from the GBA games, till upto Ultra Sun and Moon. The 3D models from Pokemon Stadium 0-2 were used upto Pokemon XD. They ambertize the franchise all the time. Side games aren't common. Because they don't sell as much like the main games. If they did. They do them all the time.

Sun Jun 16 19 02:20pm
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Game Freak etc. have contracted all the other side Pokemon games off to other companies many times.


That was The Pokemon Company that did it, not GameFREAK itself. GameFREAK doesn't self-publish except in rare circumstances (otherwise SEGA wouldn't be the publisher of Tempo the Badass Elephant ;) ).

Officially The Pokemon Company serves as publisher for all Pokemon games even the mainline ones. GameFREAK can only publish their original IPs or get another publisher to do it (like SEGA with Tempo).

Yes, GameFREAK recycles all the time, but resource management is still a thing even on more capable hardware on Switch. Something had to give eventually since GameFREAK stopped making third versions and gone with remakes or sequels in the third version's place. If Diamond/Pearl/Emerald get remade for Switch next, they'll be the versions with the missing Pokemon from Sword and Shield.

Or hell if Sword & Shield does well enough, there will be a Sword 2 and Shield 2 with the missing Pokemon. ;)

EDIT - And back to Mega Evolution, not every Mega was patched back into X&Y following Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. That's probably going to hold true for Sword and Shield that any Pokemon that is in Sword & Shield won't make Sword 2 and Shield 2 or any possible Sinnoh remakes.

I mean, that still kinda proves that a message needs to be sent them. If GameFreak honestly did ask for help, which I kinda doubt they did since at this point, they probably assume people will buy whatever has the Pokemon label on it, and it was vetoed by Nintendo or Creatures, then the resulting backlash should hopefully make it clear that things need to change and that they do need the extra help.

Clearly, the dislikes are motivated by the success of the Mario Maker 2 thing (playing online with friends).
People should stop whining, jeez.
I hope GameFreak stays strong for this. It is their game, period.

I agree! Despite the fact that the game will be different without 800+ Pokémon, I’m extremely excited to play it. Maybe the next game will include all Pokémon. So for now, I’m going to enjoy the open world and new Pokémon.

Youre right that people were emboldened by the Mario maker 2 thing but it's crazy. It's a false dichotomy for those fans to think the two are comparable in any matter other than fan outcry.

Mario maker 2 just needed a few lines of coding for exceptions in order to be done, just add the option to play with friends on the online menu and add the coding exceptions "If player exists on friends list and match is done thru friends list then match is not recorded in ranked"

Pokemon has a lot more work to be done. Youd have to be a psychopath to think that you can change that.

Sun Jun 16 19 12:44pm
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"Pokemon has a lot more work to be done. Youd have to be a psychopath to think that you can change that."

That's not the real argument. This is: Why wasn't this planned and executed over the 4 years of development. With sub contracted companies? Of course this change can't happen now. If everyone knew from year 1 that they were cutting Pokemon. Everyone would of criticized back than.

Mon Jun 17 19 01:20am
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Are you an investor because you sound like one? GAMEFREAK has been dropping hints about this sort of thing since Pokemon Black & White. Youd have to be blind to not see this was coming eventually.

And its psychotic to think all that data would be written in each game going forward, like truley, you have to have a sheer lack of empathy to not understand the scope of what you are saying.

Look up Gametheory's "Mario Maker bigger than the universe", and "Why you cant beat smash ultimate" then apply that to all the possible variables including species, move spreads, individual and effort value spreads, ribbons, contest stats, hold items, forms to the equation, this series makes those look almost laughable in comparison. Something had to give, it would be mind boggling to keep things competitive and fresh. They'd collapse under their own weight even with a larger team.

Sun Jun 16 19 12:59pm
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Mind you. When Ultra Sun and Moon came out. With the National Dex still not being added back in. And this is with Transferring to the game was still possible. They sold half of the first two. When the 3rd addon game sells usually half, when it's one game. Two just barely reaching half. When one use to do that alone. Is a lot of people annoyed at the problems the game did. With no Pokemon data in the game itself, this time. Without a confirmation they will patch it in later. This can go sour.

I'm one of them. Hopefully get it figured out that if they are going to make excuses, it should at least be good ones.

mr life
Sat Jun 15 19 03:08pm
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While I am disappointed that not every single Pokemon can be transferred into Sword and Shield, I don't consider it to be a massive deal breaker for me personally (Mostly because I don't really transfer my old Pokemon into newer games all that much). I'm still loving everything else that has been shown off so far and I can't wait to pick it up when it comes out.

Sat Jun 15 19 03:15pm
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On one hand, I can understand why the game is this way. That's a lot of Pokemon that need to be modeled and balanced.

On the other hand, people have been paying for a service that allows them to transfer their Pokemon from game to game. I completely sympathize with those who aren't getting the functionality they supposedly paid for.

It's almost like paying for an online service that has cloud saves but it doesn't work for every game. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Mythical pokemon and one off held items can be traded off pretty easily if they allowed cloud saves. Pokemon breeding would be nonexistant and clones would be everywhere. I'm not surprised it doent work for every game.

There’s a way to do it. Nintendo just sucks at online. Nothing new there.

Think about the people who bought RGBY GSC virtual console games. They finally got original Gen 1 and 2 unorphaned. And now they're orphaned again.

I’m not really bothered by limiting the Pokemon to the Galar-Dex.

What I do have a problem with is the apparent issue with Pokemon Home and the one-way transfer from Pokemon Bank, Go and Lets Go.

Only Sword and Shield will have two-way transfer capabilities.

You will end up with players transferring Pokemon to Home with the intention of then moving them to Sword and Shield but we no know that a good number will just be stuck in Pokemon Home.

Sat Jun 15 19 06:03pm
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The funny thing is this will be the highest selling pokemon game to date. Those who dislike the game and posting negative comments will be the first to preorder and purchase both copies. Gamefreak and pokemon company will learn nothing and be all the better for it.

There's no precedent that will happen. The DS Pokemon games were the first 3D. They never beat Original RGBY. Ultra Sun and Moon sold half of the first games. Two games equaling the older one past 3rd games in sales. People were annoyed at Ultra Sun and Moon not re-adding the National Dex back in.

Sat Jun 15 19 08:14pm
Rating: 2

I hit Dislike on the video. That announcement killed my hype for the game. I have a complete living Dex I’ve been moving from game to game since the GBA days, and I had a reasonable expectation I’d be able to do the same with Sword and Shield since that’s how they sold me on Pokemon Bank.

You are so right with every word you said.

Come on if the dislikes of the Nintendo Switch Online video didnt change the service for the better this sure as hell wont change a thing about Sword/Shield.

I sympathize with Game Freak. I know what continual and growing problem it is to just add more and more pokemon each game, and have them become more complex and detailed each time. And I've also started to feel like there are just too many Pokemon. I'm just going to trust them to make the right decisions, because I'm all right with NOT catching and managing nearly 1000 monsters in the next game.

Bear in mind that this had precedence with Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Sun and Moon, in which you were stuck with their respective Pokédexes for a spell, and the rest of them became available later on. All official competitions banned every Pokémon that weren't in their games' Pokédexes, then opened them up later. Like with Sword and Shield, that was also to test the balance. Once they were done, they made everything available again.

I think the same thing will happen with Pokémon Sword and Shield. They wouldn't make Pokémon Home compatible with every Pokémon species if they didn't anticipate they'd be able to be brought over eventually. The difference is that this announcement was made ahead of time whereas they stayed quiet about this for the previous two generations. Had they not said anything, they would've avoided this fuss, even when Sword and Shield are released.

For the record, I am still getting my Galar Pokémon game because I figure they'll make them all available several months to one year after Sword and Shield. I always base my first few teams of a generation entirely on that region's available Pokémon anyway. That Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves might not return is what concerns me more (though Dynamax kind of renders Z-Moves obsolete except for cases like Necrozma).

The data existed in all those games. Sword and Shield they don't. That is the key difference.

Sun Jun 16 19 04:50pm
(Updated 1 time)

They can still be added in later. The Switch is much more DLC-friendly than the 3DS.

I mean, look at Splatoon 2. It came with perhaps only half of the weapons available in Splatoon 1, but they put them in, bit by bit, until they were all there, and then some.

Fandom was a frickin mistake.


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