Google ad accidentally reveals Terminator DLC for Mortal Kombat 11

He'll be back

Remember the original Mortal Kombat 11 DLC lineup leak? So far its been spot-on, save for a few characters that are yet to be revealed. One of those bits of DLC was tied to the Terminator in some way, and now we have a bit more evidence showing that the original leak was the real deal.

For a short time yesterday, a Google ad was popping up in search results showing Mortal Kombat 11 as getting Terminator DLC. The advert itself was for the official Mortal Kombat site, and not just some random news outlet or message board. Looks like the Terminator DLC is all but confirmed at this point.


What’s with this week? Gears 5, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and now Mortal Kombat with the Terminator?!

Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to theaters this year, so this must be a pretty heavy marketing push. Heavier than what we're used to.

Well there is a new Terminator moving coming in hot. At least for Mortal Kombat, the character is thematically appropriate. I guess.

This was so obvious it shouldn't be news by now.

No spoiler warning because it's not a Nintendo franchise? That's racist!

Nah, seriously, the Terminator will make an interesting character, particularly because I would hope all the fatalities and death moves will show metallic innards instead of flesh, wich will make for an interesting sight.


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