Game History Secrets - The History of Elite Beat Agents

This series needs to come back

Today on Game History Secrets, Liam looks at the history of Elite Beat Agents, which is known as the Ouendan series in Japan. The EBA series has thus far only released on the Nintendo DS system.

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Boy I wish this series would return. EBA was my favorite DS game. If only the game had sold well we would probably have like EBA 6 by now. Agent Jay, Agent Derek, and Agent Morris need to return soon.

Excellent video. Too bad Nintendo didn't take the risk with publishing a third Ouendan, or just even continuing the franchise on its different systems.

is so sad that a promising and intereting series such a EBA didnt get any sequel in any console after the debut of the first and only game of the series.

Just by reading the name of the game makes me want to play it again!

This series has always been one of my favorite gaming experiences. It's heartbreaking to hear that more was planned but we never got it... even more heartbreaking to hear that it's unlikely there will ever be more.

But I still have all three of the cartridges and I'll go back to play them from time to time like I always do.

I still have flashbacks of Jumpin' Jack Flash on hard. LOL

... I also remember that the first time I actually beat that stage on hard, the power in my house went out near the end of the song. Still managed to win, somehow!


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