Tetris Creator Alexey Pajitnov has played, and loves Tetris 99

Could there be any higher praise?

There have been so, so many Tetris spin-offs, remakes, and revamps over the years. It's certainly hard to keep track of them all. To be something new and interesting with Tetris, you really have to stand out. Tetris 99 is definitely one of those standout titles, as it takes the core of Tetris and gives us a new way to enjoy multiplayer.

Plenty of people are getting enjoyment out of Tetris 99, and that includes Tetris Creator Alexey Pajitnov. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Mr. Pajitnov talks about his time with the title.

I love the game. Unfortunately, my son stole the Switch from me [laughter], so I can’t really enjoy it. But as soon as he gives it back to me, I will play again and again. That’s one of the best games of Tetris of the last year. I really like what was done.

If you're wondering, no...Mr. Pajitnov has not managed to get a Tetris 99 Victory Royale just yet. He's placed third a couple times, so there's hope!

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Sun Jun 16 19 03:38pm
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Maybe he should get his kid his own Switch, eh?

I also came in third once....ONCE!

Sun Jun 16 19 03:59pm
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Wow, Tetris Effect is just getting shown up left and right. I kind of feel bad for Enhance, as Tetris Effect was definitely supposed to be their big release. But Tetris 99 is great, even if I feel it needs more skins. More music too.

Tetris Effect is way better IMO, it doesn't even have to prove itself. But I've always been more about the meditative experience versus the competitive experience.

The 10 players theme still gives me anxiety...
Haven't gotten a first yet, a few seconds though.


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