Game Freak expands on the reasons for not including all Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield, talks about the importance of Home going forward

Gone, but not forgotten...

The Famitsu gang had the chance to interview Game Freak's Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori at E3 2019, and they picked their brains on Pokemon Sword & Shield. Check out a summary of that interview below.

- with the shift to the Switch, the amount of time needed for graphics/animation increased
- apart from the graphics, balancing for new Pokemon with new abilities has become very hard
- the team found that it would be hard for all the Pokemon to appear, even in titles going forward
- the team felt the decision to not include all Pokemon in Sword/Shield is one that had to be made sooner or later for the series
- even in Pokemon Sun & Moon, bringing in every Pokemon was something barely manageable
- in Pokemon Sword & Shield, the team's need to redo models meant even more work to take on
- the Wild Areas and story will have quite a bit of content to make up for the lack of all Pokemon
- the team says once again that it's uncertain as to whether missing Pokemon will be added in future updates
- even if not in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Game Freak plans on making those Pokemon shine in future titles going forward,
- a large part of this will be with Pokemon Home, as the devs do not want the players’ past Pokemon to feel worthless
- the team is deciding if Pokemon that receive new graphics through Sword & Shield will reuse them to appear in new titles
- the inclusion of gimmicks like Mega Evolution and Dynamax that affect all Pokemon means doing so would be difficult
- it’s not about adding more Pokemon in as they receive graphical upgrades
- the team says it's a change towards bringing in Pokemon from Pokemon Home that fit the game
- the reason behind the name Pokemon Home, is that it's a place to return to
- bringing Pokemon out to games going forward is like bringing it on a trip
- in terms of the feelings of the Pokemon, it's as if the Pokemon are saying, “This region is cold, so I’ll be staying at home.”
- Game Freak once again says they're thinking of adding gameplay elements to Pokemon Home
- Musuda has the concept of bringing Pokemon out to even the spinoff titles from Pokemon Home in mind


Like I said before Game Freak should just pull a Thanos and erase half of the Pokemon from existence. Perfectly balanced as all rosters should be...

Its a simple calculus resources are finite, money is finite, if creating new Pokemon goes unchecked, Pokemon will cease to exist. It NEEDS correcting!

But seriously they need to stop with adding like a 100+ Pokemon every gen it is getting unsustainable from a developing perspective. Every Pokemon is someone's favorite so if they cant use them in the new game they will be hurt. Not to mention it also wouldnt hurt if Pokemon Company/Game Freak didnt try and crap out a new game every year...take a couple years off inbetween releases. Not only would you have the time/resources to include every Pokemon you could probably introduce some fresher ideas to the franchise. Im sorry but Pokemon has felt very samey for YEARS. It truly is Nintendo's COD or Madden series..

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I just want to point out that, after the backlash from the absolutely enormous number of the Generation V species, Game Freak has drastically scaled back the size of each generation. They've gotten smaller, probably because they're reaching their limits with what their crew can accomplish in a year.

Which, yeah, I'd say the best thing for them after this is to spread out their releases. Pokémon is big enough that they can survive with one pair of games per system. The anime and the TCG already answer to the pace of the games, and both are able to create as much filler as needed. (I mean, the TCG is currently making sets based on its own concepts, not directly tied to any of the Pokémon video games, and they can do this for as long as is needed.) Previous generations were also more spread apart; it wasn't until Generation IV that they settled on each of them being 2 to 3 years in length. Using the TCG as an example again, Generation VI had such a short timespan that it ended before the card game could even introduce every Mega Evolution. Mega Pinsir and Mega Abomasnow missed the boat.


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