Nintendo talks Luigi's Mansion 3 bosses, freedom, hotel setting, Gooigi, and much more

Ghost-slamming action

Luigi's Mansion 3 had a great showing at E3 2019, and fans are more excited to check out the game. It might have something to do with the team focusing on bringing the best elements of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to the game, while also doing away with the content people didn't enjoy. Kotaku talked to Nintendo's Yoshihito Ikebata and his boss, Kensuke Tanabe, to hear more about what's up with the game. Check out details from the interview below.

- the team really wanted to put unique bosses in Dark Moon, but couldn't
- that's why they're bringing them in for Luigi's Mansion 3
- Tanabe wanted to remake a lot of the bosses in Dark Moon, as he wanted something more exciting
- Tanabe asked Next Level to focus on excitement for the boss battles in Luigi's Mansion 3
- the E3 demo featured an armored ghost knight on horseback as a boss battle
- the dev team wanted a gameplay system that really plays with the way the rooms are structured and laid out
- the layout of a hotel makes perfect sense for this, and gives players a good idea of what rooms are above/below them
- early design on the game started with Wii U, and then really took off after Metroid Prime Federation Force
- Luigi's new slam move was working on the Wii U
- the inclusion of Gooigi allows for lots of new elements, puzzles, and twists, and surprises
- the Luigi’s Mansion games are considered to all be one adventure on a timeline
- the devs say that Luigi isn't that terrified of his situation, he’s a little bit terrified.
- Luigi's Mansion 3 is not mission structured, and players can freely explore a hotel floor once they gain access
- Nintendo says that despite the setting, Luigi's Mansion games will always have the Mansion moniker


I do wonder what the discussion be on this one. People can get very narrow on what they don't like on a game. I mean, perhaps it's just because I don't feel the first game was "that good". It wasn't bad but decent. I suppose I narrow it down to the length which no matter how you cut it is very short.

The original was short but oh so good.

The original has to be one of my favorite games. I can always come back to it and have a good time even if it is a bit easy.

I don't know why but I still love the original and it has better feel than what this game is giving right now.

Luigi's Mansion was a very unique game for it's time and it's just not easy to replicate that feeling. But LM3 does look pretty good...

...But you know.. Mario...MAAAARIO?

As a purist of the original game, It feels like a western game as the animations and the way the frame rate works is all just not feeling like the original.

Even the portrait ghosts of these game pale in comparison to the original but.. that's just me.

Tentatively it'll have something most western games suck at. It is possible this one could have good bosses.

I'll be disappointed if any of the new bosses isn't better than the ones in the original.

In regards to the ghosts, I expect it'll shine if they do something similar to their work in Punch Out!

- Luigi's Mansion 3 is not mission structured, and players can freely explore a hotel floor once they gain access

And there you got my attention.

And yeah, sure, LM was short but what a fine game it was. Still stands out today. My GC is ready for another playthrough.


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