Fortnite updated to Version 9.30, full patch notes available

Enjoy a soothing Chug Splash

Fortnite has been updated to Version 9.30, and this update includes the Chug Splash, a new item to help you and your buds get get back some shield on impact. If you want to check out the full patch notes, you can get a complete rundown of today's update right here.

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They took away Boom Bow!!! Nooooooo!!! Why? Why?! I love that bow...

From what I've seen, the bow was just too accurate for its power capacity. Even if you don't get a direct headshot, the explosion splash-damage might be enough to down a player. As a result you had an overpowered bow.

If the bow's accuracy was reduced or if the attack power was lowered so that it might take two arrows to knock a player instead of one, maybe it wouldn't be vaulted now.

I know, right? I’m so sad... 🥺


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