Just Dance 2020 to be the last game on the Wii, Ubisoft happy to be "the last soldier standing"

There has been a lot of discussion regarding Ubisoft's decision to release Just Dance 2020 on the Wii. During an interview with a UK website called The Telegraph, director Alain Corre stated the following:

I think we are the last soldier standing! We are the last game on the Wii and we are happy about that as there still a lot of fans wanting to play on it. Now we see they are going to the Switch and at the end of the year that Just Dance 2020 will be one of the best games on the Switch because there are more and more families playing on it, as it was in the Wii times.

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Well done, Ubisoft. RIP Wii

Just Dance is garbage in my opinion. I can say that I never bought a single copy of it, for any platform.

Tue Jun 18 19 11:42am
Rating: 2

Probably not meant for you but a veeeery different demographic. It's not for me either...at all, but good for those who have a good time with it Smile

I find this news both funny and great. Well done, Ubisoft for holding out.

It’s one of those inexplicably fun experiences with friends. And I think anyone can appreciate the art direction they go with their tracks.

It's fun to play with people, now by himself? Only if you want to do some exercise and you need some kind of motivation.

Tue Jun 18 19 11:52am
Rating: 1

Seems like they slowing down on making switch games also.. keep up the great work ubisoft..

Tue Jun 18 19 01:53pm
Rating: 1

Now we can say:

Wii died after U.

No, because the Wii U is still due some games, like Battle Princess Madelyn.

The fact that the Wii has officially outlive the Wii U is just hilarious to me

Gotta say that I kind hoped that we would get Just Dance 2021 on the Wii just to be released alongside the new Xbox and Ps5.

The weirdest thing about this is that it's not coming to Xbox 360 and Wii U even though it is coming to Wii.

It's because until like 2018, it was still selling best on Wii. Switch version finally overtook it, but Wii was the 2nd best selling SKU last year,

Go where the audience is, I guess. If they can turn a profit throwing the game onto Wii, why not?

The problem is, how long will retailers keep stocking Wii games?


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