Super Mario Maker 2 requires you to use the touchscreen when in handheld mode

Better grab a stylus

Yes, you can create stages in Super Mario Maker 2 when your Switch is docked. Most people will opt for the handheld route though, as creating a stage seems to be a bit more intuitive when using a touch-based approach. When you're in handheld mode, it turns out your only option will be the touch screen. Hands-on reports state that you simply can't use the buttons to build a stage when running handheld mode.

We're not quite sure if the same goes for tabletop mode, which means there could be a workaround for those who want portability mixed with button-controlled level creation. You'll just have to detach the Joy-Con and set up your Switch somewhere.

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Doesn't bother me at all, maybe some will be upset but it's not something that will be an issue for me.

Huh?! But you can obviously use the buttons to create stages when docked, right? So why not maintain that parity when in handheld? I get that touch is probably a better experience for this game, but some people like me try to avoid putting my fingers all over my switch screen if possible.

Smash ultimate has the same problem with its stage builder mode. It's super annoying.

i'll have my mario stylus but got a few stylus already at home and it work great on switch.
I don't know why there's no mario stylus in the US but if you want a stylus https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Touchscreen-Devices-Including-8-9-Inch/dp/B004GCJEZU. And It's not an affiliated link 😋.

I actually got my SMM2 stylus in the mail today since I pre-ordered the game on the eShop Smile Still need to wait a week for the game though.

I find this same restriction extremely annoying in Smash Bros stage building, and I'll be annoyed that it's here too. Even though the touchscreen control scheme for Mario Maker is undoubtedly better, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to use both sets of inputs if we want to. Moving things along a straight line, for an example that comes up in Smash Bros stage building, is more easily and reliably done with traditional inputs.

I have no intention of ever making levels without the touchscreen anyway. Why would anybody do that? Docked mode is for playing only.


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