Devil May Cry coming to Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop on June 27

A listing for Devil May Cry has appeared on the Japanese Nintendo website. The re-release of the original entry will release on June 27 for 1990 yen. The game will support Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and will take up 9.2GB of space.

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Thu Jun 20 19 12:03am
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Nice, $20 for one old short PS2 game.

meanwhile, on the xbox/PS4, you can get all 3 for $20

Capcom/anyone defending them: "bUt ThE sWiTcH iS pOrTaBle !"

Guess I'll have to wait until it's about $6.67. ;0) Nah, it's still not worth it to me unless it's tangible.

What I'm curious about is the file size. 9.2GB. Are you kidding me?
The HD trilogy on console is a total of 12GB.
How can Capcom drop the ball so hard?


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