Chinese accessory manufacturer says their plans for products for the rumored Switch Mini are based on 'secret information'

It's a secret to everybody

We finally have an answer as to what's up with HonSon, the Chinese manufacturer who revealed plans for Switch Mini accessories earlier this week. As many suspected, the company was jumping the gun.

In comment to Nintendo Life, a HonSon representative said that they're making plans for Switch Mini accessories based on "secret" information, and now they're just waiting for Nintendo to confirm the product before they put their merch line into production. HonSon will "adjust the model to ensure it can perfectly suit the console," and their secret info tells them that the Switch Mini will be "a little smaller" than the current version.

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Well, of course a mini version would be smaller. Anyone could make that stuff up.

I seriously doubt a smaller version of the switch will ever launch, specially considering that the controllers would have to be smaller/different that the ones sold right now. Probably it wouldn't have detachable controllers and it would be something like a switch vita. The switch is already being sold without dock in japan which already makes it portable enough for an audience like that.

A large chunk of the Japanese market finds the Switch too big to bring on the go, IMO that's the #1 market for a Switch mini. That second Switch is a for a niche and only available via Nintendo's official site, it's intended for people who already have a Switch. The current Switch style isn't really pocket sized.

That screen does not need to get any smaller. I can see them probably reducing the bezel, but reducing actual screen size seems far-fetched.

Thu Jun 20 19 03:47pm
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You literally can't fit the thing in your pocket, yes, the screen size absolutely can get smaller. People who are fine with the screen size as it is right now (which would included me and I assume you) are obviously not the market for this thing. The 3DS did so well in Japan because it was incredibly portable for stuff like bringing it on the go, like on the subway in Japan. Switch needs to get a lot closer to 3DS size for sales to catch up with 3DS in Japan. So I fully expect a screen size decrease, decreasing the bezel would do very little. (Plus they won't need to spend as much room if they don't need a fan, so that would be more reason to decrease the overall size of the hardware).


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