Spiketrap Analytics says Nintendo had a 'standout performance in engagement and sentiment' at E3 2019

A stellar showing from the Big N

Spiketrap Inc. Analytics, co-founded by former X-Play co-host Adam Sessler, has put out their big wrap-up for E3 2019. The results show what other analytic firms have shown. Nintendo had a standout performance at E3 2019. Here's some tidbits from Spiketrap's report.

- Nintendo showed a standout performance in engagement and sentiment throughout the week
- Nintendo had the highest sentiment, but the shortest presentation, which minimizes the variances in sentiment.
- Nintendo's stream on their YouTube channel saw huge viewership
- The rate of chat for Bethesda’s stream was very close to that of Nintendo’s despite differing lengths of the presentations.
- Nintendo had three games in the top ten, more than any other publisher, and all three were in the top 5

Check out the full report here

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They probably did well because they talked about games and weren't pathetically groveling to their outraged fanbase or talking about everything BUT video games.

We all know they won.

Fri Jun 21 19 05:03am
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That's good and all, but they won in a dead year, Nintendo are going to have to really try next year, or they are going to get crushed into the ground.

When you don't have the PS5 to worry about yet, it's pretty easy to "win". Next year don't expect the competition to just roll over like they did this time.

Really how sad and bitter are you as a person that you have to always try and shovel on everything, good or bad?

His butt hurt shows his true Sony colors. I really don't get how he can work for Gonintendo, unless he's working across all sites, but then again he's always here on this side of the fence reminding us how unhappy he is.

I guess when you show actual gameplay in trailers instead of glorified movie trailers that say nothing substantial about the product in question you get a more positive reception from the target audience... Who'da thunk it?

Yeah it's safe to say that Nintendo won E3 without a doubt though Microsoft's and Square's presentations were pretty decent as well

Microsoft was decent. Square was very good, and I don't like Final Fantasy...
AND THEY STILL MANAGED to keep things for the Nintendo Direct. I was flabbergasted. xD


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