Cuphead creators would love to work on a Zelda game, say it would be 'an absolute dream come true'

Please let this happen

Cuphead has found major success on every platform its hit, Switch included. What's next for the team behind the game? If they had it their way, it would be a Zelda title.

In an interview with Dtoid, Studio MDHR's Jared Moldenhauer elaborated on the duo's interest in working with the Zelda franchise.

"...a sprawling Zelda title brought to life in a doting 2D hand-animated style...Think of all the expressiveness and life you could bring to the tribes, people, and enemies of a universe that rich! And much like Cuphead, we would get to test our design mettle coming up with screen-filling bosses of an entirely different nature. Of course, backgrounds would be completely hand-painted with nothing re-used! The list just goes on and on. It would be an absolute dream come true."

Now that Nintendo has worked with the team behind Crypt of the Necrodancer to make Cadence of Hyrule, something like a collab with Studio MDHR seems so much more plausible. Let's hope Nintendo hears this interest and at least talks to the team to see what they could cook up.


Fri Jun 21 19 05:21pm
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An original over-the-top-yet-Zelda game in this style would be fun.

That would be bananas. It will never happen, but I’m ready for a wild shift like this, at least for a smaller 2D project like Link’s Awakening.

Fri Jun 21 19 05:58pm
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This could work for Zelda 2.

Well, would be lovely a remake of Zelda 1 or 2 in this artstyle.

Fri Jun 21 19 06:30pm
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Could just create his own franchise inspired by zelda.... There hasn't been a really really good zelda clone, that comes even close to the a zelda game, that has that magical enchanted feel of the series. all he as to do is still to that fundamental and build upon it.

that reminds me too much of that 80's Zelda cartoon for me to want it

Can Nintendo please stop outsourcing their IP to western devs? The one nly western devs that I trust is retro studios.

2D hand-animated Zelda.... "I wonder what's for dinner?"

This would be so cool.


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