Nintendo opening retail location in Israel

How exciting!

Nintendo continues to expand their efforts around the world, and their latest stop appears to be Israel. Nintendo will be opening an official retail store on June 24th, 2019, and it will be located in the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel. Hopefully some pictures of the location will be shared soon!

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Sun Jun 23 19 05:46pm
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Very odd that they choose Israel before you know, another location in the US.

Why is that odd? They’re obviously being very careful and strategic with where they open them. They could have them in every major city like Apple does, but they don’t.

I'd like if they did.

I've always been suprised that they never opened a Chicago and LA location.

Well, they're finally creating a location in Tokyo later this year. That'll only be the third one.

Nintendo isn't the fastest company to expand.

So Nintendo isn't a fan of BDS I see.

Even more reasons to love them

Tue Jun 25 19 04:21am
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Hey Tel Aviv's a great city. Modern. Multicultural. Full of people who agree with you about the occupation and try to elect people who aren't terrible psychos to the legislature.

You remember that part in the Lord of the Rings where Aragorn gets tied to a big dog-thing (I'm going to pretend I'm not nerdy enough to know they're called wargs) and then it drags him off a cliff? Politically the rest of the state is that big dog-thing.

They're the ones you should be trying to denying easy access to Nintendo goods
(; ∀ ;)

Fair point. America's kind of like that now, too, so I'm kind of in a glass house. Although I've not seen Lord of the Rings. Yes, I am weird.

In that case, carry on, but they better have a Chain Chomp to stop Netanyahu from coming in.

Sun Jun 23 19 10:31pm
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Somewhere in Canada would be nice, unless i am missing something.

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