Dauntless devs working with Iron Galaxy to bring the game to Switch

A daunting task

We've known Dauntless was coming to the Switch for awhile now, and we even got to see the port in action at E3 2019. In an interview with Twinfinite, Chris Fox of Phoenix Labs reveals that their team contracted Iron Galaxy to get the heavy lifting on Switch done.

Any time you’re bringing a game to a new piece of hardware I think there are challenges inherent to that process.

We’ve been really fortunate to be working with Iron Galaxy to bring it to the Switch and like, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to that hardware.

Honestly, we are not the biggest studio in the world. So, what we choose to work on means there’s something else that we can’t do or that you know, has to wait for a little bit later.

So it’s just it’s really about prioritization and making sure we’re making the right decisions. We’re super pleased with how this build has already shaped up and we’ve got a bunch of time before it releases in winter.

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Mon Jun 24 19 07:50pm
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Been playing Dauntless since early betas in August 2017, while I feel it's endgame can be a bit lacking I enjoy firing it up and going on random hunts and I'm looking forward to doing so on the go.


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