SEGA will continue releasing their retro content in various ways

Can't top the classics

SEGA has been putting out their retro content in new ways for quite awhile now. Mobile ports, Switch releases via the SEGA AGES line, a Genesis Mini on the way, and so much more. Should SEGA be worried about inundating fans with too many revisits to their classics? According to a GamesIndustry interview with SEGA executive vice president of publishing John Clark, they don't have any plans on stopping.

"When do you ever stop reaching the audience? There's always an audience there on one format or another. We've got great content and we're never going to saturate the audience for all of that retro content, so I think we're going to continue to bring it out as broad and wide as possible."

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And so the wait for Jet Set Radio Future continues. Already upset it wasn't part of the final push of BC for Xbox One.

Meanwhile, where is Skies of Arcadia SEGA? Too busy making money for Sonic games no one asked for?


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