Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Switch Vs. PS4 comparison

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night originally started life as a Wii U release before it was moved over to the Switch. That change happened years ago, but was it enough time to get the Switch version up to snuff with the other versions? Check out the above PS4 versus Switch comparison to see how things worked out.


Hm, it shouldn't have been that difficult to get the Switch version running at 60 fps. But I suppose since the game is already delayed, they didn't have the time.

Bloodstained runs on Unreal Engine 4, which has a bad history of framerates on Switch. While Yoshi's Woolly World runs at 60 (As an UE4 game), it runs far below native resolution to get there. So most UE4 games run at 30fps

Tue Jun 25 19 06:45am
Rating: 2

I can only imagine how bad the Wii U port would have been if this is how half-assed the Switch version is.

After playing it a couple hours, I recommend anybody who isn't locked in as a backer should purchase it on another platform. It runs like hot garbage, quite frankly. Seems like an awesome game outside of the crap Switch performance problems though.

That’s absolutely gutting to hear. I was really looking forward to getting it on Switch after all the positive impressions of the other versions. Hopefully they’ll patch it up...there’s a roadmap for new content so they’re going to be working on it still for some time- hopefully that includes improving the base game...

I think there's a good chance that a patch could fix it. The game will be just fine if they get it running at a solid 30FPS and fix this issue where it freezes up and then jumps ahead a second later. Should be doable, and it looks fine graphically otherwise. I guess the extra week delay for Switch wasn't enough to fully optimize it. Hopefully we hear from them soon that they are working on this.

It's playable and enjoyable still the majority of the time, so don't be too disheartened. I'd just opt for the Xbox One or PS4 version if I could go back and choose again.

Wow, the rain/water looks so much better on the PS4. Cancelled my switch order and I"m going to be playing this on PC.

I'm pretty upset about this. They should have been more up front with how the Switch version looked. They said that it would be 30 fps and lower res but didn't also say it would be missing so many more effects and have numerous glitches and crashes and hitches.

I was a backer and got my Switch code last night and played the game for a couple of hours. Characters glitching in and out during cutscenes, game crashed after first boss fight, frame rate chugging to sub 20 fps in places, sound glitches, no anti-aliasing, and missing effects from other versions. And yet I had a great time with the core game. Feels just like the Gameboy/DS Castlevania games. I only wish I could go back and change my pledge to PS4.

Those are some major and notable differences. It's put me right off getting the Switch version now.

I still want to get the switch version, but I'm going to wait to see if they patch it.

Not surprised my regular PS4 version has long load times. It freezes at some instances like when one gets an enemy shard and when there is a lot of enemies taking damage or when some enemies die sometimes.

It's a good game despite that, but it does show they didn't had enough time to optimize and polish certain details. Like most game I can only expect they can mend through patches some of the rougher edges.

Hmm. Well that stinks. I expected the Switch version to look inferior but didn't think it would run that bad. I suppose the PAX demo should have been a warning. They said it was running poorly due to enclosed demo units but maybe that was bullshovel.

On the bright side, doesn't sound like anything that can't be fixed with patches. I've been enjoying the heck out of the PS4 version - hopefully everyone else will be getting a good experience soon.


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