GameStop offering full refund for Super Mario Maker 2 players that return the game within 48 hours

Certain GameStop stores are allowing customers to purchase Super Mario Maker 2 with a special money-back guarantree. If a player purchases the game on the day of its launch (June 28) and wishes to return it, then GameStop will offer a full refund as long as the game is returned within 48 hours of purchase. (until June 30 at midnight). So for those of you that were unsure as to whether or not you wanted to try out Super Mario Maker 2, this could be your opportunity to experience the game! 

Please refer to this link for more information!

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Not quite a "refund" per se, but a do-over. They keep your money and you get to pick something else of the same value. Smile

I feel bad for those who purchase these returned games and can't redeem the gold coins but will still be paying (i am assuming) full price for the game.

The game they return will be sold as a used game, so not quite full price.

How brave of them. Odds of people returning Mario Maker 2 in 2 days is probably pretty low. Try this kind of offer on a game like Fallout 76.

It's a new thing they started around the time Days Gone came out (but not because of it). Not sure if there has been a significant release since then, since that's all this deal applies to.

Tue Jun 25 19 01:46pm
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This is the kind of game that gets better over time, due to the user generated content. 2 days past launch is not enough time for creators.

A really awful return policy on a game that most people will love anyway is now a special promotion for this company? Yikes.

It's nice of them to cater to the people who buy SMM2 only to realise that the best content is behind an online paywall.


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