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Did you know RARE's logo was based on a toilet paper roll?

How did I not see this?!
by rawmeatcowboy
25 June 2019
GN Version 5.0

Well either I'm stupid, or plenty of people are in the same boat as me. Believe it or not, Rare's iconic logo seems to be based on a toilet paper roll! This was mentioned by former RARE developer/artist, Kevin Bayliss. When a fan took to Twitter to ask Kevin if he developed the logo, he answered with the following.

I did the Golden Toilet roll, on the blue background, and then the updated simpler ‘R’ logo which appeared years later.

Just to drive the point home, we included the RARE logo fading into a toilet paper roll in the intro of Conker: Live & Reloaded above. I even played that game, and still never made the connection between the two images. At best, I would have thought it a joke. I would have never realized that the logo seems to be inspired by a toilet paper roll!

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