Level-5 talks Yo-Kai Watch 4 development, studio guidelines, goals with the Ni no Kuni movie, and more projects

Level-5 has a lot going on

Nikkei recently had the chance to sit down with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino to talk about what the developer has planned moving forward. Check out a summary of the interview below.

- Yo-kai Watch 4 is the very first Level-5 title that was developed from the start as a Switch game
- Yo-kai Watch 4 has links to the next Yo-kai Watch movie, which launches December 13th, 2019
- Level-5 is a studio which strives to deliver great games, and has very strict requirements for a game to be released
- if a game’s development is complete but doesn’t meet these requirements, it gets pushed back
- the team knows it's important to hold onto their pride, but they also need to balance things with development and releases
- Level-5 is currently reviewing its development process
- the Ni No Kuni movie is part of the plan to make Ni No Kuni into a bigger franchise
- Level-5 is working on a new unannounced eSports title with target audience of “everyone,” but a focus on children
- by the end of 2019, Level-5 is planning to fully regain the trust of its customers after their games were delayed multiple times


I'm hoping sales for Yokai Watch 4 have long legs, because I'm worried that they might not turn a profit...


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