Trials of Mana to offer multiple endings depend on your party

Tons of replay value

Square-Enix is going all-out on Trials of Mana, revamping all sorts of areas in the game. There's really a lot to offer, and some of that depends on who you choose to take with you on the journey. In an interview with Vooks, Square-Enix's Shinichi Tatsuke talks about how you arrive at the game's multiple endings.

First of all, the prologues for each of the six characters are completely different and the game also has multiple endings, depending on what combination of characters that you choose. But the story will also change, depending on that character combination.


Now the game is starting to get interesting...

The original had this as well

Thu Jun 27 19 01:05am
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I had a hunch. Obviosly never played it, but thanks for the heads up. Never really played the Mana games at all (apart from Secret, but just a little), so I am looking into that now.

Well yeah, Seiken Densetsu 3 has six different opening and three completely different final dungeons and bosses depending on who you pick as youir main character. Why would the remake change this?

Glad to hear the remake is maintaining so much from the original. This and Scarlet Grace are my most hyped Square games right now~! And thank goodness Enix is delivering so much DQ!


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