Nintendo talks Luigi growing as a character and doing his own thing, the number of floors in Luigi's Mansion 3, and Next Level Games asking about Luigi's Mansion 4

3 isn't out yet, and Next Level is thinking about 4!

Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe met up with the GameSpot gang for an interview about Luigi's Mansion 3, and some interesting tidbits were shared. Check out a few comments from the interview below.

On Luigi's Mansion 3 being a moment of decisive change for Luigi, making him more self-assured

That's a great observation because that is exactly the reason why we wanted to have the whole gang in there. He's going to rescue Mario. It's good.

On Luigi one day stealing the spotlight from Mario

I think Mario is a traditional hero type whereas Luigi is Luigi. We think that, regardless, he'll go in his own direction.

On the amount of floors in Luigi's Mansion 3

Right now there are 17 floors

On a desire to move onto new projects when a game is wrapped, rather than constantly update with new content

Even when I'm creating something I'm constantly thinking of the next thing. Even as we're wrapping up the development of Luigi Mansion 3, Next Level Games is like, what about [Luigi's Mansion 4]? What's going to come after a hotel?


Can't wait for Luigi's Luxury Condo Development

So again Nintendo, why didn't you put Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey?

Maybe it was like Paper Mario and he went in the completely opposite direction. I mean, at some point he got the balloons and the bow tie.

The better question is why Bowser didn't bring his son to his wedding.

Maybe because jr might not like the idea?

Why not? He's been helping his father kidnap her for all the New Super Mario series.

Idk....maybe he knew that his dad could not capture her or something?

I suppose a castle is the next step. Or an intelligent home.

I do empathize on how it seems the tendency is update all games that come out now. BUT, considering how long development times are now, I think they're a way to keep people engaged and keep retention of their fans of a series.

Thu Jun 27 19 02:30am
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Another Luigi's Mansion? Hmm... I always thought it would be neat if Luigi got himself a job as a night guard in a museum where everything came to life because a mysterious thief disturbed a cursed artifact... the different exhibits would offer all sorts of themes for areas; prehistoric age, aeronautics, ancient civilizations, and so on... and of course the displays, being "awakened" by the curse would offer all sorts of options for enemies. Ultimately it is revealed the thief is Captain Syrup of the Wario Land series, who acts as the real final boss... after awakening the curse, she waits and lets Luigi deal with the ghosts, only to try and steal the artifact once the ghosts are defeated.

Thu Jun 27 19 02:58am
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So Night at the Museum, basically.

Yeah I guess... still a fun idea if I do say so.

Better more Luigi than back to a Metroid spin-off where they feel to bury all affiliation to it afterwards

While I would love a LM4 I hope NLG doesnt just become "The Luigis Mansion studio" I would LOVE another Punch-Out!! or Mario Strikers from them at some point...


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