Square-Enix working on Final Fantasy IX patch to fix background music issue

Sounds good!

Square-Enix has heard your complaints about the background music issue in Final Fantasy IX, and a fix is in the works. This patch will remove the issue with background music restarting after every battle or Tetra Master match. No word on this patch's release date has been shared.


Wonder if they'll ever get to implementing analogue controls as well. :P

Being that these are ports of the iOS/Android versions to consoles, i wouldn't count on it. It doesn't have analogue controls on PS4 either (unless you're playing the PS Classics version on PS3 or Vita of course).

No, but the PC version, which is also based on the Unity version used for phones, has had analogue controls patched in by modders.

Yeah, modders on PC for sure. On the official side of things though, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything coming from Square Enix themselves.

Oh neat. Didn't expect them to fix this and it didn't bug me much but now I might as well wait for a fix

I never knew of this issue...i mean been so long since played it on PS1, I didnt know it was doing something else...wasnt even playing attention the music after and before battles.

Better late than never I guess But I had stopped counting on it really. I beat that game long ago anyway.


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