Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Switch gameplay and issues analysis

IGN dives into the Switch port of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to showcase exactly how rough of a port it is.


My comment is coming from a place of ignorance and not a malicious one.
They took so bloody long with this game and this is what they put out? I can’t understand how this game can’t run at 60fps(can someone explain). I don’t even think the downgrade in graphics was even necessary. It just looks like Switch wasn’t a priority at all. I would have preferred a delay than this wretched port of piss pot technical issues.

I mean coming of the regular PS4 I'm also a bit baffled with the load times, and instances it freezes, which in turn makes me think it's not a matter of the graphics and (maybe the lighting) but the game engine. From what I've heard PC is the best optimized of the bunch. All in all I think Switch coming late may be the reason it's poorly optimized. I think.

Given other examples on the Switch seems possible they just didn't had enough time to make a better port of the game. That's my assumption.

There really isn't any excuse if a game like Senua's sacrifice can run on the Switch without any problems. They just needed to get some competent guys with a good track record on Switch to do this.

To be fair. The Switch version was released way later. If they were realistic they'll have delayed the Switch version several months. But, that seems like it'll have been a bad business decision.

Still doesn't look as bad as MK11. Holy cow it's been out over two months and still crashes 1-8 times a day for me, chugs at massively inopportune times, and glitches like there's no tomorrow.


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