RUMOR - Switch Mini accessory from Bigben leaked

Okay, now things are getting serious

We've had a random Chinese manufacturer claiming that they're working on Switch Mini accessories based on secret information, which didn't exactly have people feeling like the info was legit. Now we have something a bit more trustworthy, as it's supposedly from well-known UK accessories publisher, Bigben. As you can see above, they appear to have a silicon sleeve in the works, and the box itself says Mini Switch on it. As long as this item is legit itself, you can't get anymore clear-cut than that!

There was also a render leaked as part of this Bigben project, which shows how the sleeve would look on the Switch Mini. We'll try to get comment from Bigben on this situation to see if they confirm the leak.

Thanks to Sebastian for the heads up!

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Mon Jul 01 19 01:42pm
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It's hard to judge the dimensions of this without any reference but is the screen smaller? Still looks like a pretty large screen for a "mini" console.

The spacing between the controls on the non-Joy-Con Joy-Cons (what are non-detachable Joy-Con called?) still look to be the same as the current Joy-Cons so the height of the system appears to be the same as the current console. Without changing the aspect ratio of the screen - which would never happen - I don't see how you make the console smaller while keeping the same height.

Mon Jul 01 19 02:51pm
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The second picture definitely isn't related to the first. The second picture looks the same as the current Switch. The cutouts don't even match the first image on the left side.

The first featured photo however looks about what I expect the Switch Mini to look like however.

Surely the Switch Mini will have built-in controllers and as such there should be a D pad. There isn't in the above image.

Or... or, maybe they just made more efficient use of the space, with a bigger screen to fill the frame with very small bezels. Same Joycons, same size, detachable as they should be, but the screen is “bigger.” That I could get behind.

Mon Jul 01 19 03:55pm
(Updated 1 time)

Why does it say mini Switch 2? Are we getting a Switch 2 and this is the mini version of it?

Also, Why call it mini Switch? How can it be a Switch if you can only play it one way.

I know for the sake of continuity they may not change it but... what would be the point to keep the mini versions d-pad section as buttons? The joycon couldn't be used as a second controller as it couldn't be removed.

This looks to me like something that wasn't ready for the public to see yet, like test packaging. The images aren't even the same product, almost as if one was a guess of what a Switch mini could look like if it had a separated D-pad based on sizes they have been given, and the 2 on the bottom makes me think this is like "internal example 2". For retailers or marketing or something.


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