Lorne Lanning teases Switch-related announcements, says 2019 should be a 'very Oddworld year' for Switch fans

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Oddworld fans, get ready. Series creator Lorne Lanning has teased a bunch of content for Switch owners, and it all pertains to 2019. Check out the snippet from a Variety interview below, in which Lanning shares some very exciting statements.

V: Do you think you’ll continue to rework your Oddworld games, continuing with “Munch’s Oddysee”?

LL: If there is demand, we will remaster and improve upon games from our back catalog. You may even hear about something like that very soon. We have already announced “Stranger’s Wrath” coming to Switch and we will have a few more Switch related announcements to make after E3. One thing I can say right now, I believe Oddworld fans who own Switch will find 2019 to be a very Oddworld year.

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Why not? He may as well join the port club. The games are good in fairness to him and the Oddworld team.

Remember a couple years back when this guy said he had no faith in the Switch?

Eh people's opinions change. Gabe Newell once trashed the PS3 and it's architecture and chose to NOT have Valve work on the PS3 port of The Orange Box in-house (it was outsourced to EA believe it or not), but for Portal 2 his mind changed on the PS3 and the port for that system was handled by Valve, so PS3 players didn't get an inferior port again.


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