RUMOR - Leaked pics show off Super Nintendo World design model

I can't wait for this to open!

We still have quite a bit of time to wait until any Super Nintendo World attractions open in the real world, so what do we do until then? Why not check out some pics of a model used to represent plans for Super Nintendo World?

Rumor has it this model was created back in 2016 to showcase plans for how Nintendo and Universal wanted Super Nintendo World to play out. Things have likely changed since the original idea, but there's also sure to be a number of elements that will end up in the final design. To know for sure, we'll just have to wait!

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Sun Jul 07 19 04:37pm
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That Donkey Kong world looks great. Just hope they dont only stick with Retro's games as inspiration. I hope they add some of Rare's ideas as well and Kremlings to the park.


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