Game Freak likes to add new elements to the Pokemon franchise gradually, says dev team

Slow and steady

Pokemon Sword & Shield will offer up some new elements not found in any previous Pokemon games, but much of the core experience remains the same. In an interview with GameCentral, Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori reveals that this is by choice, as the team likes to implement new features in Pokemon games more gradually.

When we try to make big changes in the series we want to do it a bit more gradually. Every time we make a new game we want to change up the formula and do new things but if you do too much all at once then it feels like it might not be a Pokémon game. So we try to implement new things fairly gradually, to try and satisfy some of the requests from fans to try out new things, and if it goes well we would incorporate that in the future. So yeah, I think you could say that the Wild Area is our answer to some of the requests for a more open area, and we’ll continue to do new things gradually, as we progress with the series.


I get the feeling Game Freak is incompetent

They also remove a lot, too. It's more of a replacement than an addition. R.I.P. Game Corner, Secret Bases, Mega Evos, Contests, PlayerNav...

Sun Jul 07 19 07:58pm
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Funny how they say these things after we got a hard devolution with Pokemon Lets Go and probably get lots of features cut from Sword and Shield.

All in all the game is handled very conservatively and for a game that in the last 10 years recieved 8 iterations I think Gamefreak could be more open to change.
Its not like they have to wait 3-5 years to get another shot if something fails.

Sun Jul 07 19 09:49pm
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I wish they'd move faster. The way Pokemon games work and feel often seems ancient, like last-gen game design philosophies.

Yeah, they add features gradually while removing all the other features they previously added that everyone loved and wanted to return.

I'd trade Dynamax easily for any of those things.

Why can't Nintendo just downright buy them so that Gamefreak can do more than what they are currently struggling with?

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