AI: The Sominum Files team details the creation of multiple characters' designs

Getting the art just right

Spike Chunsoft hosted a panel at Anime Expo 2019 to discuss AI: The Somnium Files, which featured director Kotaro Uchikoshi and character designer Yusuke Kozaki. Check out what the two had to say in a summary of the panel below, as well as a gallery featuring character concept art.

- Date went through a few revisions and used to wear an eye patch, but the eye patch was removed/replaced with a fake eye
- the older character designs for Date were a little more colorful, which were toned down due to the character's detective role
- Date is created based on what "makes a man a man"
- A-set was the first character that was created for the game
- she originally had four designs, but they decided to go with one, even though it was a difficult choice to make
- Kozaki was given clear instructions to make a girl character that young male adults would really like
- in the early stages of development, Tesa’s mom was supposed to be the main character
- in this early draft of the story, Date would have a romantic relationship with Tesa’s mom
- after seeing Tesa, Uchikoshi really liked her and decided to change the story to make her the main character
- Ota Matsushita was designed by Kozakimany years ago in different variations, but no one seemed to want him
- Kozaki's original idea for Ota was to have a character with disproportionate designs compared to everyone else in the game
- this ended up seeming strange in scenes, so they went with a more realistic design
- Kozaki saw Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse and saw Peter Porker, which makes him want to do a disproportionate design for Ota if a sequel ever comes about
- there was a lot of backlash from the team for Ota’s design and place in the game
- when Uchikoshi has a choice of going with something normal or fun, he usually chooses fun
- Uchikoshi's original request for Ai-Ball’s design was nothing close to what Kozaki created
- when Uchikoshi saw her, he was blown away with what Kozaki was able to come up with
- Uchikoshi said that it’s “rare” to find a designer who can pull something like this off
- Kozaki created her human form based on the muscles and nerves of an eyeball
- the hamster version was created as a cute mascot character because every game needs one
- Uchikoshi said that if you look at her arms, they appear to be transparent, and 3D modelers had a hard time modeling her
- there’s a reason you don’t see transparent skin in games, but that’s not really Kozaki's problem as a character designer
- there was one time that Uchikoshi once stood over Kozaki's shoulder for 6 hours waiting for designs


Aren't A-set and Tesa the same character? Or is there something I'm missing?

She is indeed the same character. A-set is simply Tesa backwards, She seems to go by the name Tesa, I'm unsure if Tesa is also her internet idol name but A-set is certainly her internet idol name.


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