The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2's most recent job postings are looking for help with dungeon creation

But what kind of dungeons?

Fans are still split on whether The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had traditional dungeons. The Divine Beasts certainly had many traditional dungeon elements tied to them, but they weren't exactly presented as dungeons found in previous games. Some fans were looking for a more standard approach to Zelda dungeons, and there's no doubt Nintendo's devs have heard those requests.

Could the approach change with the sequel? We don't know for sure, but there's at least a tiny bit of encourging news to share. The other day, we posted on two new job listings for work on Breath of the Wild 2. New information on those listings have come in, and both positions specifically require input on dungeons for the game. Both the terrain and level designer positions will require the newcomers to help create dungeons, but no specifics on their design approach is shared.


Interesting, hopefully the water temple is nice and puts to more use the cryonis rune. I wonder if they'll update them. Like maybe adding secondary abilities like completely turn into ice a body of water, or letting you skate in ice.

Whatever they do with dungeons, I hope they keep the shrines. I like the puzzles in dungeons, but being there for an hour or so starts to drag on when there's such a nice world to explore.

Maybe the best take would be keeping the outside environmental puzzles and leave the interior puzzles for the dungeons (with some exceptions).

Even with shrines the issue were those tests of strength that had very little variation. I think dungeons could be good change of pace if they're spaced in a way to find a balance kinda like the first two games in the series, which had enough to not have the overworld feel as tedious. Maybe like the second game, they could add caves to both change the scenery and maybe connect to other points of the map (maybe then finding shortcuts).

For me narratively wise, Link did all his tests, I just don't know what else he could learn to become a better hero.(Unless those shrines were for Zelda).

Not if it is a very well done dungeon. Ok you might long for the outside world while you're in it, but if its well done you will not get bored and it will mainly give you that huge extra boost of accomplishment when you found your way through the lair of Moria.

Sure. Make dungeons but make them more a part of the world. They tried a bit in SS, but can really make them more intergrated in the big main world. Also, what I think could be fun is having a dungeon or two that actually are the boss. A bit like the beasts like you are in and on them, but that's also where you fight them.

Another important things is do NOT temper with the openess of the world. Don't make us have to go from dungeon A to dungeon B etc. One of the most "magic" parts of BotW was that open freedome. You created, in many ways, your own jeourney.

Also, keep the shrines. Always fun to find in the oddest places Smile

Considering the lack of dungeons is one of the biggest complaints with the original, I'd be really surprised if they weren't in the sequel. If the new game marries the best of BotW with some more classic elements and has a lot more enemy variety, it might be the best game, like, ever.

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Oh please let it be proper, varied dungeons with individual themes and even tie-ins into the story. I loved how up to Botw, the team had blurred the line between overworld and dungeons more and more. Botw was a big step backwards in that regard.

I understand that Botw must have been a gigantic project as it was. But still - for me the biggest letdown was discovering that everything was built upon those "systems". Once I realized that shrines would always be just minigames, completely apart from the outside world, I didn't enjoy them much anymore. I felt no curiosity, it was really closer to the collecting&completing that drives so many other games these days.


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