The Cuphead Show now in production for Netflix

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Holy Yes!!!
I just hope it's not with the same art style as the poster.
PLEASE follow the game that people love!!

Tue Jul 09 19 09:54am
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I get the feeling from the blurb and the poster that we might be seeing multiple art styles and animation techniques with this. Just a hunch. One’s mileage with that idea might vary.

Im sold. Love Cuphead. Cant wait for this and the DLC! Hopefully they both drop same day. Would be amazing cross promotion. Netflix recently did the same with Stranger Things season 3.

Oh, super good! Another Netflix tie-in I can't watch on my Switch. This may sound dumb, but (hehe... dumb-butt) I don't care to hear that 'du-dun' or see that N on my Switch until it's for a streaming video.

Lame. It's not even the same 1930s style. Just an imitation of it. How about train an animator on how to draw in the style?

That is FANTASTIC news... though if the show doesn't have the same amount of love put into the animation as the game did, it's sure to disappoint. The poster looks like affordable Flash animation trying to mimic 30's animation, and I don't blame them given the troubles of making animation affordable. But I hope they don't fall too far from their mark.

I wonder if it'll be animation shorts or adapt the main premise of the game.

It could go either way.


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