Dr. Mario World datamined, new doctor characters found

Doctor, Doctor...give me the news!

Dr. Mario World is out right now, and dataminers jumped right into the game to find out what secrets were hiding. Turns out they found quite a big bit of information, as they discovered the next round of characters who will be appearing as doctors. As long as you don't mind spoilers, hit the jump to have a look.

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I am living for Doctor Daisy

Get Doctor Waluigi out of here. I don't want him in my game.

Tue Jul 09 19 05:39pm
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Meanwhile in 2001:

diverse quirky character cast in an art style total unique to the series, step it up dr. mario world

The point of the game is to extend the IP value of Mario characters. Why introduce these generic monsters to the mix?

They're from Wario Land 3! The game was Wario-themed.


idk why you're viewing this like some nintendo executive would, i mean yea having only the recognizable mario characters in the game would be the best way for the brand to make the most money but who cares? i'm just a fan who's gotten tired of Mario being ultra-homogeneous the last decade

I have serious doubts about Dr. Baby Peach and Dr. Baby Daisy having the proper qualifications.

Well they can at least PLAY doctor...


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