SEGA grabs Taiwanese rating for a new Super Monkey Ball title, listed for release on Switch

Let's have a ball!

There's definitely something going on with the Super Monkey Ball series. First we had the raiting for Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball in Japan, and then SEGA re-upped the raiting for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Now another Super Monkey Ball rating has popped up, and this time it's in Taiwan.

The latest rating is for Super Monkey Ball: Now Good Taste! (Google translation). That rough translation seems to line up with the Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball rating that surfaced weeks ago, as that translates into “ripe,” “in season,” or “good to eat.”
I'd say that's certainly enough to link the two titles.

What other information comes from the rating? We get the tiny piece of artwork you see directly above, and the rating itself confirms a Switch version. I'd say it's a done deal, then! Now we wait for SEGA to make the official announcement.

Thanks to Hero of Legend for the heads up!


I haven't played one of these, but I'm sure it would really piss me off.

I'm down.

If you have someone else to play with, Monkey Target is great. One of my favorite video game memories. I hope they include it in this variation.

Haven't seen one of these in a while. They really derailed the whole franchise when they made everything really easy and shifted the focus away from the core gameplay to minigame and party collections. I hope they get back in focus. The music DID get way better though.

I also read that as "Super Monkey Ball: Now in Good Taste."


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