Nintendo breaks down the differences between Switch and Switch Lite

Everything that's different

The Switch Lite, after months and months of speculation, is the real deal. Now that the reveal has happened, Nintendo has finally let loose with all sorts of details. Here's a quick rundown of how the Switch Lite differs from Switch.

- Joy-Con are part of the system and cannot be removed
- handheld mode only
- will play Switch games that support Handheld mode
- for games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers
- does not include HD Rumble or IR Motion Camera
- the left-hand controller features a full-on d-pad
- Not compatible with Nintendo Switch dock.
- Does not support output to a TV.
- does not come with a dock, HDMI cable or kickstand
- no auto-brightness sensor
- 3.6” high, 8.2” long, .55” deep, vs. the original Switch being 4” high, 9.4” long, .55” deep (with Joy-Con attached)
- Approximately .61 lbs, vs. the original Switch being .88 lbs
- 5.5" touch screen, vs. the original Switch having a 6.2" touch screen
- Approximately 3 – 7 hours of battery life, vs. the original Switch having approximately 2.5 - 6.5 hours of battery life

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This is a terrible product. A Switch that doesn’t switch. And before anyone cries “Then don’t buy it!!” The main concern here is that this product incentivized developers to ignore docked mode and focus on handheld mode, supporting both of course, but optimizing games for handheld. And that will become more and more apparent as time goes on. I think this product was a huge mistake for Nintendo. Not doubting it will sell though.

What's the screen's resolution?

I would expect 720p. Wouldn't make sense to be higher than that.

Pretty bad, but I know a lot of people are interested in it.
It's called Switch but only has 1 mode, I wonder how many people will be confused.
A significant portion of non indie games will run horrendously in handheld mode on the platform
Here's hoping Nintendo don't go in the other direction and make a docked only console. Lite is enough.

I hope this doesn't mean they stop supporting HD RUmble as much. It is a pretty fresh looking system.

Quite honestly, I'm disappointed they ditched the TV mode.

Why is it that they make this one colourful but not the original model?

So they can sell it to yuppies.

The original's design already played around with the colorful Joy-Con, so that's why.

Wed Jul 10 19 09:20am
Rating: 3

I think that this is great.

I have had my switch since launch, and absolutely love it. I think I might be unusual, in that I actually use TV mode and handheld pretty much 50/50.

This unit isn't for me, but it has a clear audience, and that is fine. I personally know people who are only interested in the switch as a portable unit and are still waiting for a price cut before taking the plunge. I know that this price-point will certainly entice lots people who are simply looking for a handheld experience.

Think of this unit more as a slightly more basic/affordable entry point to the Switch, than an upgrade. I think a lot of Pokemon and Animal Crossing fans, who are yet to pick up a Switch will be thrilled with this announcement.

When you put it that way it sounds better but the 50/50 aspect is a big deal to me.

- Not compatible with Nintendo Switch dock.
- Does not support output to a TV.
Dealbreaker for me. Kind of makes the name "Switch" meaningless...

You can still switch between handheld and tabletop mode*

*additional controllers sold separately

This is a terrible product. A Switch that doesn’t switch. And before anyone cries “Then don’t buy it!!” The main concern here is that this product incentivized developers to ignore docked mode and focus on handheld mode, supporting both of course, but optimizing games for handheld. And that will become more and more apparent as time goes on. I think this product was a huge mistake for Nintendo. Not doubting it will sell though.

Wed Jul 10 19 10:52am
Rating: 1

Indeed. This thing is a disaster in many ways. Or can at least turn into one. Very bad move. They could at least have changed the name from Switch to...Well...Something else. This will cause confusion like the Wii/Wii U thing did. One day Billy can't play his Switch on the TV has he wanted because mommy Sharon got him a Switch lite...

A Switch that doesn't switch... Great move, Nintendo...

Wed Jul 10 19 01:43pm
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I don't think is a mistake, already many people were asking for a switch product that is just handheld without detachable controllers because those people are not interested in the tv mode and neither the detachable controllers and is 100 dollars cheaper, that for parents is a huge deal. This product is focused for those that dont already have the switch console, because Switch already can do that and much more. This will not incentive the developers to ignore the tv mode is quite the opposite, many developers were already ignoring the handheld mode and this is going to force to put developers effort in both modes, I hate when they release games with poor effort in handheld mode, I play the switch in both modes and I want games that I can have good experience in both modes.

But still I understand that you guys were expecting a Switch Pro, me too, but after the E3 I knew that this wasn't going be the case.

Genuine Question: What do you mean by “optimising games for handheld”?

Are you referring to how some games perform better or at a higher resolution when docked? I don’t know if that is something game specific or if it’s simply a side effect of the Switch being able to run “hotter” when docked. If it’s the latter then the concern is irrelevant.

I think the Switch Lite is very much a 2DS situation. (A 3DS that didn’t 3D) That didn’t ruin the 3DS and wasn’t a huge mistake for Nintendo. It opened up the 3DS library to more gamers.

There are switch games that run better handheld, simply because the HD requirements are lower. Most run better docked, but that isn’t always the case. So yes, I could see developers giving docked mode optimizations the back seat treatment since they know between Switch and now Switch Lite, most gaming hours are being played handheld. As a primarily docked Switch player (it is still a home console according to Nintendo), that concerns me.

And your 2DS example further illustrates my point. Once that product came out, devs programmed to the least common denominator, doing away with extra features such as stereoscopic 3D that all players not now enjoy. Watch as the same thing gradually happens to HD rumble. Who knows, we might even start seeing devs make games that ONLY work in handheld mode. It’s easier, so why not?

Thanks for the reply. I understand your concern better now.

I can’t see handheld only games being a thing. (I think there was one a while back but anywho). Unless you absolutely need to use the touchscreen (is the Switch Lite’s screen even a touchscreen?), docked and handheld will provide the same experience from a pure control input perspective.

I guess I’m looking at this as more Switches means more games and more publishers looking to bring their games to a larger market so I so it as more of a positive. Losing something like stereoscopic 3D or HD rumble is something I’m ok with losing in the grand scheme of things.

Well that’s a good point. A huge install base means more games for everyone. For me, I’ll remain hopeful that the “flagship” Switch experience (games look and play great in docked or handheld modes) continues to be Nintendo and 3rd parties’ primary focus.

"Everything" RMC? Don't tell me you think the price is the same...

Wed Jul 10 19 11:05am
Rating: 1

Hey Nintendo. After this mistake it would be nice you show us the Switch Pro. You that can SWITCH and has some sweeter specs. =)

Isn't that a Sony thing man?(Pro)... I really dislike that Sony and Microsoft have forced these upgrades in between true successors. They've done their best to change the console landscape and mindset to that of phone upgrades and I think it's complete crap. Unfortunately people blindly eat it up.

What is the purpose of an upgrade when the current one is selling great, you can barely keep up with software as it is, and Switch 2 will hit in 2023?

I just call it the Pro. It can be a Switch two or a Switch Brutus for all we know. They'll have to compete somewhat with Ps5/Scarlet when they come also, so.... We'll just have to wait it out.

Pretty much for Pokemon VGC.

Wed Jul 10 19 12:29pm
Rating: 1

I like the decisions they've made for the Switch Lite. Why? Because I feel no need to get it. My current Switch isn't obsolete. And this model looks like the perfect thing to get if you're a family that already has a regular Switch but you want something cheaper for your individual kids. $200 is a great price for that. I think this will do a lot of good for increasing the Switch's market saturation and fill any hole left behind by the 3DS.

I love Nintendo handhelds and loved this too. But seems expensive. I will buy when the price drops or when they release a smaller version. The Game Boy Micro is still the king of handhelds for me.

As it will have a "more efficient" processor, it makes me wonder if there is a hardware side reason for the lack of TV Mode?
On the regular Switch it has variable clock speeds for handheld/tv, so might the Lite just be designed in a way to optimize for handheld and variable clock speeds just aren't supported?

I would have liked it to be switchable even if it only output 720p to TV. Having a basic HDMI out port couldn’t have been that prohibitive.

I was holding out on a Switch for this announcement.

So much taken away from the standard model, including the primary selling point of handheld or tv modes.

Switch now must refer to the power button. Hopefully it still has one of those Sad

I play mostly in handheld, and I would hope Nintendo has metrics that show that most players also play mostly in handheld and in doing so have made a quantified decision to release this version of the Switch.

However, I still would like the option to dock. But I already own a Switch so my concerns are moot.

As are others who seem upset by this announcement. You have a Switch. You also still have the option to buy a regular Switch.

This will be out just in time for Pokemon and Animal Crossing fans. I know a lot of parents wouldn't buy a $350 gaming console for their kids, but at $200 this is perfect for a Christmas gift now.

So the only reason it's called a Switch is for marketing purposes because it doesn't Switch to anything. It's just a Vita 2.0.


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