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Lite delight

I went around the internet and scooped up all the Switch Lite pics I could find. If Nintendo put it out on one of their website, I snagged it and dumped into the gallery above. There might be a few duplicates in there, but by and large, it should be a fresh batch of images for you to ogle.

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Interesting that the bottom still has the 2 circular holes and the rectangular cutout used for docking on the current unit.

Such a waste of potential.

I'll bet they make a "Lite stand" that uses those holes, so people can prop up the Switch and use wireless controllers.

I think there's a pretty great chance of that! It might actually just be for that charging stand that already exists, though.

Wed Jul 10 19 10:04am
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In addition to the pictures of good looking young adults playing the switch lite in cool locations, I wish they would have at least one shot of a regular slob carrying it into the bathroom.


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