Nintendo says you'll be able to transfer games from Switch to Switch Lite

Switching Switches

Thinking about getting a Switch Lite, but you're already worrying about the headache of moving games over? Don't worry, Nintendo has your back. In an interview with CNET, Nintendo's Doug Bowser confirmed that a solution is on the way.

"Yes, you will have the ability to transfer between devices, your gameplay experiences. More to come on there, but that is the intention."

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Wake me up when switch pro is announced.

I wouldn't be shocked if it doesn't released until early next fiscal year, and that means we might not even see it until early early 2020

Wed Jul 10 19 04:07pm
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Same here, it isn't a surprise tbh.

I think its fine, Stadia doesn't even do its mainstream launch until next year, and even then I don't think its going to be a threat to Nintendo unless the world suddenly figures out how to make 5g super affordable, and Stadia is absolutely perfect on it, which it won't be. And Sony and Microsoft don't plan to launch next gen until late next year. So Nintendo has the whole of the first half of 2020 to themselves to launch a Switch Pro, no need to rush it, especially if waiting until next year gives them access to a better Tegra chip (for the supposedly in development Shield tablet, and I wouldn't be shocked if Nintendo actually had say in that chips development considering they are still going to be the biggest customer for it)

Wed Jul 10 19 11:32am
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Did everyone forget about shared profiles?

Would love to see more details on this, but really doubt they will let 2 consoles with the same account be active at the same time. That is, if you can even link your account to a console before unlinking from the other. Hope they find a solution to this. If they don't, bonus points for those who prefer physical games.

The solution is simple Nintendo. It is called cloud saves, too bad you implemented them badly and now you will have to make a crappy app to transfer saves between consoles.

Wii to Wii U and DSi to 3DS all over again.

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