Nintendo says Switch Lite will compliment/coexist with the current Switch, and uses a 'more efficient processor'

No specific details were shared

Nintendo will not be phasing out the Switch and replacing it with the Switch Lite. In an interview with CNET, Nintendo's Doug Bowser says the plan for the two versions of the system is to have them live together on shelves.

"We believe the two systems will complement each other and coexist in the market."

The Switch Lite changes up a number of things from the original Switch, locking the Joy-Cons to the system, adding in a d-pad, removing HD Rumble, and more. Is there anything else going on under the hood? According to CNET's article, the Switch Lite "uses a more efficient processor that enables smaller heat vents on top of the system."

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I wonder if that translates to "Removed hardware exploit"?

It translates to using 16nm node size over the original Switch's 20 nm.

They’ve already done that in the regular Switch last year.

My question is about the removed motion controls. They said botw is compatible with switch lite, but some of the shrine puzzles in botw require motion controls to beat. The ones where you control the rotating things

They never said they were removing motion controls, were they?

In the video they said that they were removing the IR motion camera. That's what does motion controls right?

No that's not for motion control. Pretty sure this will still have gyro controls.

Wed Jul 10 19 09:59am
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Maybe they will have a specific botw patch for the switch lite. Quite frankly, those motion control rotation shrines were pretty frustrating and awkward for me. I'd welcome a change if that is the route they go.

Wed Jul 10 19 10:11am
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Yeah definitely that could work. Shooting the bow without motion controls would make me sad though

That's true. I enjoyed motion control when shooting the bow.

Gyro controls should still be intact.

Could you clarify for me? Ard you saying motion controls and gyro controls aren't the same thing?

They use gyro technology for motion controls in Switch. If they remove gyro/motion the Switch lite is a bigger disaster than I first thought.

Gyro and IR pointer are two different things.

To clarify, the ir camera is for some 12Switch minigames and Labo stuff. The gyro is a different thing, that powers the motion controls. I'm pretty sure they'll leave gyro in.

I hope so. If the switch lite didn't even do handheld as well as the switch does handheld that would be pretty bad haha

Also: It does NOT say anywhere that they removed the gyro/motion. They removed IR and HD rumble. They would have mentioned it I presume.

So the line they said that made me think this was they said "That means you'll need additional Joy-Con controllers to play games like 1-2 Switch, which requires motion controls". To me, motion controls = gyro controls, but maybe not

That's because 1-2-Switch require independent hand moving rather than just tilting the system.

1-2 Switch also requires HD Rumble which (sadly) isn't in the lite, not just motion controls.

But are there no gyro controls at all? I only saw HD rumble and IR pointer out of the deal.

No no gyro IS in the Switch Lite, I was saying 1-2 Switch wasn't just motion, it also has HD Rumble and IR. Plus 1-2 Switch requires the joycon to be individual I realize so even if it was just the motion that was the issue it still wouldn't work for Switch Lite. But Switch Lite absolutely has gyro, so stuff like Splatoon 2 and BoTW is still fully compatible. You need separate Joycon for multiplayer, HD Rumple, and IR.

Wed Jul 10 19 03:54pm
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Good. Then we both basically wrote the same. Just had to double-check here, Ben ;)

After all, a Nintendo console WITHOUT motion after the Wii would be a no no NO! It's a part of their DNA now.

I was also somewhat confused there to be honest. But 1-2 Switch uses the IR camera for many of the games, so I am guessing that is what they meant. Nowhere have I heard or rad that gyro is out of the picture. They didn't mention that gyro is out, just IR. If so, then the Switch lite is a joke.

Guess we'll just have to wait it out.

Only one of the minigames actually used IR, the burger eating one. The rest were all accel and gyro.

Nope. The "sword catching " one also used it. CAn't remember the name.

That just uses gyro and accelerometer. The accelerometer detects how fast you're swinging. There is a certain angle that the game considers to be when you'd be hit on the head, detected by the gyroscope.When you clap to catch, the accelerometer picks up the short but forceful change in position this causes.

But the other person who is clapping doesn't even hold the joy-con. Pretty sure it was the IR cam registering the hands that clap itself.

An IR sensor senses the distance from it and objects. For it to sense motion like the Wii Remote it would need to track a stationary IR point, ( like the Wii Sensor Bar) something lacks. All Switch motion controls use the gyroscope and accelerometer which are present in the mini. Wii Remote Plus augmented it's motion controls by adding a gyroscope in order to increase accuracy. The sensor bar kept the PLUS calibrated basically

Anyone remember this quote from the WSJ article?

“You would be wrong to think the enhanced version is similar to what Sony did with PS4 Pro and the other is just a cheap alternative that looks very similar to some past hand-held machines, say, Sony’s PlayStation Vita,” one person who has used the new devices said. The Switch is a hybrid device that can be played either as a hand-held unit or connected to a larger screen.

Wed Jul 10 19 03:31pm
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They just guessed based on rumors.

I wish that more efficient processor meant 1080p handheld play. I'd almost be able to forgive the lack of hd rumble(fav feature, feeling Amaterasu's footfalls is just the best) and justify getting one if the screen were better. I get only changing out buttons for a proper d-pad but i would have preferred it just completely copied the Wii U gamepad layout- especially when it comes to the -/+ placement.

Im pretty sure the 1080p screen will be for the switch pro. No sense draining the batteries faster on a portable switch.

Wed Jul 10 19 12:50pm
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The assumed chip which is in this model is efficient enough to be used in portable mode without a fan, but isn't efficient enough to offer a massive jump in performance, Digital Foundry's video on the chip speculated about a 1.5 times boost in power, you would need, not thinking about possibly CPU and memory bottlenecks, about a 2.25 times boost to go from 720 to 1080 without dropping fidelity. This is a cheaper and smaller model, they don't expect any current Switch owners to upgrade unless you need portability. Though no HD Rumble still concerns me.

Since HD rumble is a huge feature, for me, in the Switch this truly is a concern. Very fewgames used it, but those that did made games more immersive in many ways. FAST is my best example. There's just too much potential here. They dropped features from Octopath that really annoyed me, like walking on sand or snow and it would be a different feel. Could have had those optional at least.

Losing HD rumble is a sad loss for me personally. I wish more games used it, not less.

But then again, developers didn't really care, did they? I hate it when there's so much lost potential...

I mean even then, the amount of games which use HD rumble isn't really that small. MK8 Deluxe, Arms, Mario Odyssey, Fast Racing, Octopath, Tumbleseed, Kirby Star Allies, Mario Party, (I think Pokemon but I didn't play so don't quote me on that), Mario Maker, Bloodstained is adding it, I think Wolfenstein II and Doom have it, and so on.

Hmmmz. Didn't remember Wolfenstein and DOOM had it implemented. But still don't have those, so could be that. Love it mostly in FAST, really. OK..Guilty on here but in the Senran game... That actually did an OK job with it even. So the potential IS there truly if developers just go for it. But hey! Time and money...

Wed Jul 10 19 04:42pm
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Kewl... Now I just feel like playing som FAST or Octopath :D

I still need to beat Octopath, I'm so close...

40-50 hours in and not even half way... Damn me to Hell!

Have a good day, Be!

I'm like 3/4 in but haven't played in like 2 months...

Sat Jul 13 19 04:58am
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You, as me, will get back to it... And enjoy and wonder "why hven't I played this for so long?"


Wouldn't it make sense to use the "more efficient processor" in the original Switch?

Yeah maybe it will go in the new units that come out. Too late for me but still would be nice

If they are planning on replacing the original Switch with a Pro model, then there is no reason to redesign the current Switch around a new processor and have to optimize it for a docked mode as well. Just use surplus X1s through the first half of next year, and around the time the Pro comes out end production of the main Switch, cut its price to like $250, and just let all the remaining stock sell and discontinue the model.

Wed Jul 10 19 12:32pm
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It's all but guaranteed that it's the 16nm Tegra X1 ("Mariko") leaked by the recently rumored Shield TV redesign, with its clock set to match original Switch Tegra X1 performance

This thing is going to have gyro and motion is supported since the joy con has ir sensor.

Where is the confusion here?

There's about 7 people above that explained it has no ir sensor/camera but it does have motion using gyro. So shouldn't that question be asked of you, where is the confusion? :0)

You can still play all the switch games though.

Most games sure, but how can you play the 1-2 Switch game involving eating a burger or whatever it is? That game utilizes the ir camera which the Switch Lite doesn't have.

One thing Nintendo really screwed up with the Switch Lite is it’s incompatibility with Labo.

The Lite is targeted for a younger audience as is Labo but you can’t use Lite with Labo. And they’ll have people who buy a Lite then buy Labo.

Unless you purchase additional external Joy-Cons but even then anything that requires the Switch console (with joy-cons removed) to be inserted into Labo wont work.

That's a good point. I hadn't considered that. I wonder if Nintendo will put warnings on the packaging


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