Nintendo stock hits its highest level since Oct. 2018 following Switch Lite reveal, analysts label the device a 'mega hit'

Investors and analysts happy? Surely a sign of the end times!

Well, it looks like Nintendo finally did something that made investors happy. Following the reveal of the Switch Lite, Nintendo's stock reached a nine-month high, climbing nearly 4.5% to ¥41,780. This is the highest point Nintendo's stock has seen since all the way back in Oct. 2018.

What had investors so excited about the Switch Lite reveal? Kantan Games analyst Dr. Serkan Toto shared his thoughts on the matter.

“Investors should see the Switch as way for Nintendo to substantially increase the install base and prolong the life-cycle of the console for years. This device will be a mega hit.”

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter also had some thoughts to share on the Switch Lite.

“The (Switch Lite is the) right product at the right time. The timing of the release appears favorable, given that it is roughly two months ahead of Black Friday, and occurring at a time when sales of the PS4 and Xbox One should ramp down ahead of the console refreshes from Sony and Microsoft at holiday 2020, giving Switch Lite a roughly fourteen month head start.”

Pachter expects Nintendo to ship 20 million Switch hardware units and 140 million Switch software units in the fiscal year ending in March 2020, up from his previous guidance of 18 million and 125 million respectively. Pachter also expects the Switch Lite to be supply constrained through the end of the calendar year, and estimates the device will ship 8.5 million units this fiscal year and 11.5 million the following year.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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I'm with them on that one. This has potential to sell like... pancakes. They're called pancakes.

Talk about Pachter on Gonintendo?? :O

Don't care for the man either but he called this several months ago before any rumours began. He was spot on

And all the comments called him an idiot. In fact, the top-voted comment for that article was that he was literally never right. Here's that story for the record: https://gonintendo.com/stories/325810-analysts-predict-what-s-ahead-for-switch-in-2019-see-it-becoming#comments

I get people not liking the man, but the success or failure of Nintendo does not hinge on one American analyst's opinion. Notice that the other analyst (Toto) also said there would be a Switch Lite, but did not receive a flagellation (perhaps because he didn't actually go into detail as to what a Switch Lite would be).

It's an opinion. if you don't like it, ignore it. Then again, this place is called GoNintendo and we literally can't even talk about a certain Nintendo-published Metroid game... 🤦‍♀️

Thank you for posting a link to that story. Like I said before, I'm not a fan of Pachter but if there ever was a time he made a good call, this is it.

In all honesty, the Switch lite did NOT come as a surprise. What did is that it couldn't dock, though.

Yeah, even a cursory glance at Nintendo hardware history could easily lead one could surmise a Switch Lite was on the horizon, Pachter deserves no special credit for predicting something so obvious.

Which pretty much covers his entire career too.

Thu Jul 11 19 04:26pm
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Let him predict the Switch 2/Pro/whatever...

Me!? Just sad the Switch lite is not a Switch---

Oh well...

Have a good day, Reynard!

After all the rumour and speculation and leaks, the surprise factor was gone. What I'm saying is that Pachter said this at a time when no one was even considering this a possibility and he even got slated for it on here. Again, I never dreamed I'd be saying something positive about the man but truth is truth.

Before the announcement I was hoping for an August release of the Switch mini. Happy to finally see the smaller, more solid model make its way to reality

Its 229€ in europe which sucks a lot and is equivalent to 258$.
You can get a normal Switch für round 250€ if you look around a bit.

At 199€ I would have bought a second one for the D-Pad alone.

I didn't know that it's going to cost €230 here in Europe. I seen that it's $200 and just assumed it'll be €200. Well that sucks. I think it'll sell well but again I think it needs to be down around €150 for it to sell like wildfire.

Thu Jul 11 19 09:23am
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Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter also had some thoughts to share on the Switch Lite:

“The (Switch Lite is the) right product at the right time. . ."

well shucks. Was really hoping this would be a success :\

Agreed. Pachter is literally never right.

I do love the colors and I’m great with whatever Lite has. I might get one. Yellow for me.

Thu Jul 11 19 12:02pm
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Even a broken clock is right twice a day... (about Patcher, of course)


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