Lust for Darkness hitting Switch today in North America and Europe

Enter the profane, perverse land of Lusst’ghaa

Have you ever thought about joining a mysterious Cult on their mission to find eternal pleasure? We doubt there is a right answer to that question. But we created a game that allows you to join the group of deviated believers and uncover their deepest secrets. And it’s now available on Nintendo Switch!

Lust for Darkness is a psychological horror flowing with occult and erotic themes and sparkled with a solid dash of unique design inspired by the art of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksinski. Play as Jonathan Moon who receives a letter from his wife who has gone missing a year before. Pursuing the information from the message he heads for a secluded mansion where an eldritch, occult ceremony takes place. There, the Gates to another world - the profane, perverse land of Lusst’ghaa has been opened.

The idea for the land of Lusst'gha did not appear in my head out of anywhere. I have been fascinated with the works of Lovecraft, Beksiński, and Giger for years, as well as, what can be seen in fictional solutions and aesthetics - Stanley Kubrick's films. I was lucky to meet people who shared these fascinations and, in addition, also wanted to create games. The subject of erotica in video games seemed to us controversial, but completely unused by the gaming industry, in which nakedness and sex are often presented with no creativity, in a plastic and obscene manner. - says Michał Ciastoń, founder of Movie Games Lunarium, the team behind this title. - As the sales results show now, the continued interest in the title, the maintained high ratings on Steam, and successfully finished Kickstarter, we believe it was a good choice of the subject. We are happy that soon it will be available on the new platform.

Lust for Darkness successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign where it achieved over 600% of the main goal. The game has already been released on PCs in June 2018. Less than six hours after it debuted, the game was featured on the Steam Top Global Bestsellers list, reimbursing production costs within 24 hours from the date of release. Now, Lust for Darkness is planning to conquer the unexplored area of horrors for Nintendo Switch, where this category is still very narrow.

Availability and system requirements: Lust For Darkness for Nintendo Switch will be released on July 12, 2019, and will be available in the NOE and NOA regions’ Nintendo Game Store. The price of the game was set at 12.99 EUR with an additional 10% discount at the release. The game will be available in the TV, tablet and handheld modes.

Lust for Darkness will be available on the Switch today. The title is priced at $14.59, and takes up 12 GB of space.


12 gigs, eh? The premise looks promising...Will chck out in game footage then =)

Anyone here played it?


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