Comparing the Switch Lite's size to other gaming hardware

What about compare to a Virtual Boy?

Want to get a more clear idea of how big the Switch Lite is? IGN has put together a gallery of photos showcasing the size of the platform as compared to other currently-available gaming hardware. If you own one of these devices, it should help give a much better picture of what Switch Lite will feel like in your hands. Check out the gallery here.

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Ign shows a picture of the Vita phat, but lists the weight of the slim. Idiots.
The Switch is the same weight as the Vita 1000 3g. A little more than the 1000 wifi.

These are so poorly done. And already they're top results on Google.

In a couple years when I want a reminder of the Switch lite's size, I'm going to see this misinformation and probably forget that it's wrong. Fuck you, IGN.

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