Amazon Mexico thinks Luigi's Mansion 3 will launch on Oct. 4th, 2019

It would be the perfect month!

I think we can all agree that it would make sense to release Luigi's Mansion 3 sometime in October, right? You want to get in on that Halloween hype to get the game even more attention. While Nintendo is yet to confirm a release date outside of a generic 2019 listing, Amazon Mexico has updated their info page with an Oct. 4th, 2019 release. Not official by any means, but hopefully it ends up being the real deal.

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My preorder in Amazon Mexico went from January 1, 2020 to October 4, 2019

Its false. Unfortunately Nintendo never releases games that early in the month. If it was October 25th then I might believe it.

Breath of the Wild and Smash Bros Ultimate say "hi!" :-)

Well those are very rare special cases. Smash HAD to come out early in December so it could be sold during the Holiday season. Without it Switch would've struggled heavily last year as Nintendo had very little actual new software last year.

BOTW also launched with the console itself. It had to launch early with the console or else Switch would've had a very poor launch line-up (though I guess if you aren't a Zelda fan you were SOL).

Yes, for the most part the majority of their 1st party games do release in the second half of the month. Wasn't the last Luigi's Mansion on 3DS released earlier in the month though, maybe the 11th?

Only way I could see this being legit is if there is another huge release later in October, even if it's 3rd party such as the Witcher 3.

I hope it's October. It would help take the sting away from the Animal Crossing delay.


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