Dr. Mario World sees strong start, pulls in over 2 million downloads and $100k in the first 72 hours

The doctor's making BANK

Dr. Mario World launched this week, and things are already going well. Sensor Tower has the data on consumer reaction so far, which you can find below.

- more than two million players have downloaded the game
- has pulled in more than $100,000 since launch
- total downloads are at about half of Super Mario Run’s iOS-only figure of 4.3 million
- Fire Emblem Heroes was at 4.9 million in the same amount of time
- this is one-third of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s six million in the same time
- Dr. Mario World hit seven times as many installs as Dragalia Lost in its first 72 hours
- Fire Emblem Heroes took in $11.6 million in the same markets during this period
- Dragalia Lost’s five markets generated $250,000 in spending in its first 72 hours
- Dr. Mario World is generating about 73 percent of Friends Saga’s $137,000 first-three-day gross revenue in the same markets

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I downloaded it, played two levels, then uninstalled it when I decided I did not care it existed.

Gave it a try and was sad to see that it is not actually Dr Mario but instead it is another copy paste of the popular mobile puzzle games. Not to mention how bland and lazy the game looks.

It is also riddled with "surprise mechanics", but it is Nintendo so they get away with it.

Sat Jul 13 19 06:34am
Rating: 2

Hm. I’m at stage 53, close to the end of the second world, and haven’t come close to running out of hearts. No micro transaction pressure at all so far. My impression is, if you play the game in short to medium sessions, and are not horribly bad, you won’t feel annoyed.

I’d rather criticize the game design, which is not that tight. Ironically the ability to just drag capsules through any wall or object gives the game a “whatever” feel.

Sat Jul 13 19 09:21am
Rating: 1

... level 62 now, still no need to pay, and I already feel like I'm playing way too much. Really makes me wonder how much time those complaining spend on gaming.

Bottom line, I'd say it is fair. That doesn't mean I don't regret Nintendo going down that road. But the howling seems out of proportion.


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