Raspberry Cube gets higher age rating on Switch than PS4 due to uncensored scenes

17 and up for the Switch version

Nintendo has been the talk of the town with game censorship lately, as Nintendo has made it very clear that they won't be stepping in to ask developers/publishers to censor content on their platforms. They'll leave the content monitoring to game rating organizations, as Nintendo believes those organizations will do their job and rate games appropriately. Nintendo also has said that they provide parental controls as another layer of protection for parents who want to block content from their kids.

The latest example of Nintendo's hands-off approach is Raspberry Cube in Japan. The PS4 version of the game has been rated CERO C, while the Switch version is rated CERO D, which is for those aged 17 and up. The Switch version received a higher rating due to the inclusion of uncensored scenes.

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That's FINE.
As long as the game is uncensored, a higher age rating is a small concession.

That's FINE.
As long as the game is uncensored, a higher age rating is a small concession.

I mean the Switch is a more discrete console. One can keep for themselves if they're tempted to experience these novels.

Sony's policies I can only assume is what their audience demands.

Sony's PS4 is more of a kid's console anyway.

Sony's audience is absolutely not asking for this, and they're the least likely group on Earth who ever would. The PlayStation brand is built on Japanese video games. Wild Arms, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Xenogears, etc.. Games that Sony would happily butcher today. The PlayStation Vita is known almost entirely for its library of Japanese visual novels and role-playing games that kept the console alive long after it was dead to the mainstream. The people demanding and applauding censorship of video games, that they don't intend to buy in the first place, are the people demanding it across the board. Gamers, who support the industry's creative freedom and actually buy the products that are being rounded up to be burned are pissed at the double standard Sony shows towards Japanese vs Western content and don't support it in the slightest.

Japanese developers will not create for the PlayStation 5 if this continues and Sony's audience will follow them out the door. Sony is digging their own grave with this nonsense "policy" as these devs and gamers leave and find a new home with Nintendo. Sony is just handing Nintendo the ammunition they need to succeed in this arena, just like Nintendo handed it to SEGA when they were doing the same thing in the 1990s. Hopefully, Sony learns but I doubt they'll do it in time to keep this enormous piece of the industry on their side. If you don't like a game's content don't buy the game. The rating is right there on the box and it's clear as day. This isn't enough for the new wave of puritanical morality policing scolds who actually believe that if they don't approve of something it has no right to exist.

I mean Gears 5 is also censoring depictions of smoke. So yeah it seems next gen they'll try to be more PC (it's not a pun, but yeah more like PC also).

I don't think they'll straight up jump to Nintendo, since Nintendo also does have limitations, tech limitations, online limitations and likely other things. Yet at the same time middle and low tier budget games might find more creative freedom with Nintendo in the future.

Still it stands that the market is what brings on censorship, corporations mainly want to appeal to the average consumer. So yeah, if anything this is based on word of mouth rather than any sort of conspiracy. I think.

Gears 5 is a perfect example of how nuts this situation has become.

Gears 5 will be an M for Mature title, thus illegal to sell to children. Microsoft knows stupid parents will give it their kids and decided that the language, murder, guts, blood, death, and dismemberment that landed the game an M rating is all fine for kids to see but the smoking has to go. This is done so they can make headlines and look like they're doing something to combat a "problem" that idiots pretend is gaming's responsibility to fix. I've seen nothing online but well-deserved derision towards that particular story. Microsoft is equally out of touch with the reality of the industry's workings but they at least seem focused on just ruining their own first-party content rather than the third party content.

Nintendo does have those limitations but games that are at risk of Sony's rainbow-haired Eye of Sauron tend to be doable on Switch, and often fall under that low tier budget games umbrella that you described. Most of the censored games are lined up to release on Switch already anyway. The bigger problem is when developers decide, thanks to Sony's impossible mandates, that these tiny groups of people's word of mouth must be the direction the industry is heading, which it absolutely is not, and then they self-censor their future projects and have their games die on arrival when their real fans are alienated.

There is a reason why we/they have rating boards. And, also, as a 39 year old I should be able to purchase games/videos/books etc to my liking. Also, no one should need to hold my hand...Etc...Also, why is gore so much more "awesome" than a little skin (thinking MK11 here)...

I think Nintendo are doing good here o let us ( and parents) choose!


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