New characters and Yo-Kai hitting Yo-Kai Watch 4

A spirited bunch

Yo-Kai Watch 4's Version 1.3.0 update is going to include a batch of new Yo-Kai and characters. In the image above, from top left to bottom right, you can see Enma, Nurarihyon, Donyoliene, Honoboono, Kabuto Musou, NinMEN, Sakuranojima, KuwagaTaisho, NetaBalerina, and AsekkaOni. There's other Yo-Kai on the way, which you can see below.

Hamuhamu (light side) / AburaHam (shadow side)

A chubby hamster yokai who really likes fatty food. Hamuhamu is an onomatopoeia of opening and closing mouth to eat food, while AburaHam is a combination of Abura (oil/tallow) and Ham(ster), as well as a pun on Abraham.

Kiborikkuma (Light Side, lit. Woodcrafted Bear) / Oniguma (Shadow Side, lit. Demon Bear)

A yokai born by inhibiting spirit into a woodcrafted bear.

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