Fire Emblem: Three Houses - "Welcome to the Golden Deer House" trailer

Oh deer

Take a deeper look at the Leicester Alliance, which lies in the east and represented at Garreg Mach Monastery under the banner of the Golden Deer. Led by Claude, this rogue nation answers to no king! Learn more about the Golden Deer and join their cause when Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches for Nintendo Switch on July 26.


Deer, deer, oh dear, oh dear,
your career as a deer is over here
no, no, oh no, although
your career as a skellytun's begun.

Wow, look at all the zero gay options in that house! Very enticing choice. /s

I don't know if it's ironic or baffling. Could have been the only house with bisexual members to at least entice some interest from that side, and appropiate given they're selling it as the chill house.

That would still be shitty, because then you only have one good option for houses instead of being able to choose whichever seems good.

I mean relationships are a single part of the game. I haven't checked how every class is distributed throughout the houses or if all can access all the different classes.

Leoni is gay fyi.
But why does that matter?

As far as male gay options, all there is Linhardt and 2 old men. It matters because people who aren't heterosexual shouldn't get completely screwed over with options.

That's the issue of men having more types of physiques than girls. scrawny, beefy, feminine, young, old, beard, no beard, bald or not bald. In regards to this game most of the females fall into the standard of beauty one can expect for women.

With that said I do wonder, if there was one of the typically attractive male characters as an option will the selection be fine? I mean if anyone could be with anyone I think some agency will be taken away IMO.

That makes it even more annoying that there's less male options than female options. At least having Byleth able to be with anyone would be great.

I'm a simple man. Claude is the hottest dude in the game, so I go with the deer house.


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