RUMOR: UK retailer says WWE 2K20 is coming to Switch

Pinning down a release?

WWE fans didn't get last year's WWE 2K game on Switch, which was disappointing, but perhaps not as disappointing as the previous efforts on the platform. The first and only WWE game on Switch was absolutely abysmal, and is considered by many to be the worst port on the platform. Is it a one-and-done situation for WWE on Switch? A recent listing shows that might not be the case.

Base.com has added in a Switch listing for WWE 2K20, but it doesn't feature any other details. It would certainly be nice if the game made its way over, and perhaps the team taking a year off could lead to a more solid project. We'll try to get word from 2K on the situation, but they'll likely remain quiet until an official public reveal is made.

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Wonder if they see how well 3rd party games are doing on the Switch? Seems like if a game is on both Switch and the other two systems, the Switch version seems to sell better...and maybe, just maybe will get a great developer like Panic Button to port it to Switch....think they see that these big games like Doom and perhaps Witcher are able to be made to run on the Switch, and in turn sell well. See you game companies...you give us a decent and non gimped version or a spinoff series of a franchise, fans will buy it...we didnt before cause companies made the Nintendo platform version inferior in content....and for the same price or more....look at Mass Effect 3...cost more then the later released trilogy on the other platforms...and they wonder why we didnt biuy it Their logic was we didnt want the game.

if it's going to be as poor and low effort a port as the last WWE game they released on the switch with a straight face, don't bother.

i'm down if they want to give us real port this time though; though i'll be waiting for reviews for sure.

It's not like it was low-effort. Blind Squirrel just isn't proven. I own another game they ported to XBOX One called XCOM 2 & that too needs ironing out.

I would love to see this actually happen. TBH I’m baffled why we don’t have anyone creating a wrestling game to fill this space on Switch.

I’d prefer a non-licensed one to allow for more creative freedom and craziness. But if AEW or NJPW put something out, I’d bite.


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