Brazilian devs and fans join together to create their own unofficial Nintendo Direct

Come together!

Brazilian Nintendo fans feel that they're unrepresented and unrecognized by Nintendo at large, so they're setting out to make a big splash. Fans and developers have come together to create their own Nintendo Direct event, which is set to air tomorrow at 7 PM EDT. This fan-made event will focus on the Brazilian games development scene, and clocks in at roughly 20 minutes long. Expect content from Chucklefish, JoyMasher, Matt Makes Games, QUByte Interactive and Aquiris. 25 game sin total will be featured.

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I don’t know what Nintendo will do about it, but whatever they do, for good or bad, they’re going to be paying more attention to Brazil than for the last 5 years or so.
I don’t blame them for everything. Official Nintendo consoles struggled to find good market around here since SNES, and when they are sold it hardly counts for the Brazilian representativeness: most consoles sold here are from the “gray market”, where smuggling products reach the costumers way more than by the official way.
Switch is not sold here officially. We only have a half-baked eShop with basically 1st party games and a dozen of indies.

Dang. Well, I’ll be tuning in! I hope some good comes from it. Smile

If this was a year ago Nintendo would copyright claim their video.

Mon Jul 15 19 08:38pm
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Mexico should follow. At the very least to comment on the price disparity do to not having an official distributor here.

Mon Jul 15 19 08:40pm
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with the bad economy and system prices and how unsafe it is I do not blame Nintendo for backing out of the region. Even my ancestors' home region of Ecuador hasn't really been good for them and I don't think they were there much to begin with.

Still if this direct is where stuff like Celeste's final DLC gets dated then it'll be freaking huge

If we got more games on the shop it would already be a great improvement, but unfortunately if we want physical copies we have to pay more to get the same game at a later date. I wonder how many Nintendo fans from the main markets would have their consoles/portables if the system cost at least double the price and the games 50% more.

I'm brazilian and I didn't know that! I'll tune in and check it out.

It's not that Nintendo does not care about country A or B(razil). It's just business. The economic scenario in Brazil is not good, the taxes are high, many politicians are corrupt and won't budge, making for a bad environment for sustentable growth in Nintendo's business in the long term.


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